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  1. Went to Dean Safety at the mill

  2. I Had to do it!!!....Best Pizza

    We used to like Pachini's, haven't had it for a while, seems to have taken a little bit of a slide downward.
  3. a question for you wheeler dealer firearms traders

    As are AR builds, especially in this hell hole. Make the trade, the clock continues to tick.
  4. Fun times at the Mill.

    Only fotays ‼️‼️‼️ [rofl] [rofl]
  5. Fun times at the Mill.

    Of course, if she had half a brain, she would've figured that out before planting her dumb ass there in the first place. But I digress.
  6. Stocking up.

  7. Opinion from NES Electricians....The real ones!!!

    Obligatory: [popcorn] Disclosure: I am not an electrician, insurance adjuster or lawyer.
  8. Desert Eagle 44. Unique rifling???

    I guess the fact that it was 44 Magnum eliminates Glock and H&K.
  9. Desert Eagle 44. Unique rifling???

    No. They showed she'll casings in the ground. But said, the bullet/s showed a unique rifling pattern. I'm guessing from a round recovered from the deceased.
  10. Desert Eagle 44. Unique rifling???

    Okay, Of course, being TV, I was curious as to the validity of the question. I have caught them numerous times, especially when it comes to gunz related discussions, spewing BS. For instance, they'll show a necked center-fire cartridge laying on the ground, and call it a 22. Now, I know what...
  11. Desert Eagle 44. Unique rifling???

    Hey guys and gals, I was watching a show on Investigation Discovery Channel, about a murder that involved gunshot wounds. One of the Investigators mentioned that 44 shell casings were found nearby, and that (I disclose, these are probably not his exact words, but) "the bullets exhibited a unique...
  12. Almost had a real bad day

    Scary shit right there. Glad you're ok!!!
  13. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    My most sincere condolences to you and your family, for the loss of your son James. Heartbreaking. I speak from experience, unfortunately. 🙏💔
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