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  1. Fell down the YouTube rabbit hole once again.[ATAK with gear lots of folks already own]

    Thought this was pretty interesting and something some may find useful.
  2. So moms can once again rack the slide on her Shield.

    Now my mother can't really manipulate the slide due to her arthritis and general waning of hand strength in her older years. I got to thinking I've seen those wonky bits hanging off Ruger MkIIIs' and such, I wonder if anyone makes them for the Shield. After skulking about the interwebs I found...
  3. Looking to pick the collective mind of NES regarding timberjacks.

    As the title states I'm in the market for a timberjack. Except the one I'm in need of needs to be able to be used on 30'ish inch diameter logs and in my searching about nearly everything I've found maxes out around 20'ish inches. Here's the thing though, each log(3) is roughly between 15-20ft...
  4. REI deal.

    So checking my email today and it turns out my local REI(Hingham) is having it's garage sale tomorrow along with having an extra 30% off sale on clearance items online. Figured I'd post it here as opposed to off topic so folks who needed to add bits of gear to their BOB/GHB may not notice the...
  5. DIY cordage.

    Saw this on another forum and figured some folks here may be interested. For those that want an in the bag ready to go anytime version there's this one on Kickstarter.
  6. Anyone willing to be the guinea pig?

    Woot has a 2000 watt inverter genny for $399.99, for that price I may have given it a whirl if it wasn't for that whole "no income for the past year and a half" thing. [laugh] Hell the main reason I ordered the genny I did is because it was available on Newegg, so I put it on my preferred...
  7. Inexpensive backup/cabin/RV vacuum sealer. Deals change daily so only good for 7/27.

    I've no idea on the quality but if your go to sealer breaks this could do in a pinch until you replace your primary.
  8. Another happy ending.
  9. Another Mountain House deal on Woot, best price per bag I've seen yet.

    They're the big 5 serving family size pouches that sell for $12.99 a bag on the MH site, you get 6 pouches for $39.99.
  10. Live Prepared 1 Month Emergency Food Supply $149.99 on Woot.

    I've no idea if the food is actually any good as I've never tried it but I figured I'd throw it out there in case anyone was interested(normally $279.99 on their site).
  11. You would think with all the resources available these days...

    One would be able to get something right. [rolleyes]
  12. So, is it time to get rid of the TSA yet?

    Since they appear to be doing such a bang up job.
  13. Stumbled upon a site with lots of good info.

    Sort of a repository of sites.
  14. Sellout Woot deals on Mountain House, Lifestraw, Sawyer, etc.
  15. 20% off Mountain House.

    If you take the survey(not needed I imagine, but you can have some input on possible new items) on their site you get the MHSUR2015 code.
  16. Gotta love Kiwi ingenuity.
  17. -It's gone- Mountain House Family-Sized Freeze Dried Meal 9-Pack $79.99
  18. Things may be looking better for Kansas residents.
  19. Kind of interesting, hiding in plain sight.

    So long as you can get to an area that's fairly private to build, not sure of the practicality of it but it is different.
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