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  1. Stuck ejector roll pin

    I was finishing up my LR-308 build and decided I should check headspace yesterday before shooting it today. Went to remove the ejector roll pin (using ejector removal tool) and roll pin wouldn't budge. Soaked overnight in Kroil and still no budging - one bent punch and one broken punch now...
  2. Senate starting in CSPAN2 now.

    Grassley on now. Calling out Biden as a fake. Says opposition from Black Helicopter crowd (says Biden). Lol. ETA - can't tell if this is on now or from earlier today.
  3. VA House Delegate brings AK47 to work "Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, interrupted Morrissey's speech to ask him to take his finger off the trigger lock and later said that taking guns from citizens is what led to the Holocaust...
  4. Uncle Ted now has his own ammo?

    So I was on Cabelas checking out ammo prices for non-existent ammo and ran across these beauties...
  5. All of IL has gone full retard

    Now even police with guns are bad and not welcome,0,7366488.story
  6. Why no long action AR upper assemblies available

    So, I am thinking of building an AR by next hunting season. I know very little about AR's. I searched around on the internet and they only sell short action upper assemblies (I know all AR10's are short action). What is the reason that no long action upper assemblies (or lower assemblies)...
  7. Blackpowder Bullet Weight

    So, I bit the bullet this year and went out and bought a smoke pole for the muzzleloading season down here in VA. I was sighting in the scope at 75 yards and got a three shot group a little over 1.5 inches with 100 grains of Pyrodex pellets and 200 grain Thompson Center Shockwave sabots. It...
  8. Incorporation of Heller - NRA v. Village of Oak Park

    See link Judge didn't say Heller can't be incorporated but rather it would be above his pay grade to conclude that. In any case, he declined to incorporate. Sorry if a duplicate.
  9. Trooper's son gains access to gun Doh! Should have used a trigger lock I guess.
  10. Police Kill Bear In Worcester

    ---- Police Kill Bear Roaming Worcester Neighborhood WORCESTER (WBZ) ― It was an all-out bear hunt in Worcester on Friday. Environmental, state and local police were searching for a black bear roaming through one of the city's neighborhoods. The bear was spotted walking through...
  11. Wild West on the Common

    I am sure this guy was armed with an assault weapon or the like Talk about shooting into a crowd - tons of commuters walking through there at 6:45 pm.
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