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  1. I really like this gun case, but a little on the pricey side.
  2. ATF Siezes toys gun. Claiming they are easily converted to full military machine gun Hopefully this isn't a dupe..
  3. What kind of headline is this

    "Suspect slain, multiple injuries in Mojave Shooting Spree" I'm sure about the rest of you, but I think by using the word slain. It comes across like he wasn't a killer and just murdered a person..
  4. Gun ownership tied to suicide deaths

    State-wide gun ownership tied to suicide deaths Hopefully not a dupe. . I know this has been brought up before in the past. Damn BS!!
  5. If an officer asks you to step out of your car

    can he or she lawfully give you a pat down? On my way to work today I notice a truck pulled over. The person exited the vehicle and I watched the cop pat the person front pockets.
  6. WTS Blackstar HT5 w/ cabs

    Blackstar HT-5 Amp w/ 2 1x10 cabinets. Pre-amp tube has recently been changed out to a TAD 7025 purchased less than an hour of time on the tube. I have the original Sovtek. 250.00 for Head and both cabs. Location : Plymouth. I work in Dartmouth. Selling Terms : FTF - Cash Contact...
  7. Thugs try to break into a house

    Not sure if this is a dupe. Did a search for thugs and Kansas City no hits recently on these key words. Group of Thugs Target Seemingly Defenseless Woman ? They Had No Idea She Had Been Frequenting the Gun Range |
  8. WTS NIB Pelican 1620NF

    125.00 Location: PLYMOUTH Selling Terms : FTF cash Contact Information: PM They have a life time warranty and if a handle or latch breaks they will send you replacements.
  9. Stupid Hunting Question

    This going to seem like a stupid question as it most likely is. Can you go hunting in MA anywhere (Public Land)? What I mean by that when I was growing up in Maine I was able to walk in my back yard and do some hunting along the rail road tracks. Sometimes would drive until we saw a good place...
  10. State Department forces takedown of 3D gun blueprints.

    Not sure if this is a dupe or not search isn't working. State Department forces takedown of 3D gun blueprints - Neowin
  11. Anyone want to help out a unemployed member ;)

    That would be me. I would like to really shot my AR for the first time, zero it, and actually see I built it correctly. I'm looking for someone who would be willing invite me as their guest to their club somewhere along the South Shore.. Since I'm unemployed and really can't afford to join...
  12. M&S Sport in Plymouth

    Has some .223 PPU 75gr. 20 rounds for 15.99 four box max. They also had 30 rds. on clips for 20 something dollars. I didnt' look for anything else.
  13. Anyone FedEx ammo to

    Themselves? Have you ever had an issue with FedEx? I would like to purchase ammo when I come across it in my travels and FedEx (ground). Besides labeling it ORD-M is there anything else I need to be aware of? Thanks Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  14. Would like to see the display cases like this in more places

    Or would have been nice if they would ship to an FFL.
  15. Harvard study on less guns doesn't equal less crime and death.

    Not sure if this has been posted. My search didn't net any results.
  16. Stopped by Bass Pro here in Nashville, TN

    They have a crap load of Free States AR15 magazines and a few 10 round magazines but they want more for those than the others. Ammo shelves are bare unless you have a 7mm, 300, or 30-06 there is plenty of those. A few handguns which I didn't really look at as there were about 3 people...
  17. 90% of America. BS!!!!

    I'm sitting here at the Admerals Club and they have MSNBC keeps throwing out 90% of America wants/strongly in favor for gun control.
  18. Finishing up my build and

    I think I'm hooked on "building" ;).. I already have an addiction I'm trying to contain. In the guitar world it's called GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome). Not being a gun owner since living back home in Maine (91). Living in Texas for awhile it never occurred to me how much bullsh*t there...
  19. Has anyone been spot "check" to see if they are MA

    compliant? Say for you have your AR with you and has the law ask to see your AR they are spot checking to see if you are MA compliant. There are chances that I get ramp check when I'm working on aircraft. That has only happened once to me in twenty-five years. That's the reason I ask.
  20. Here's the links to the FBI data since 2005

    2004-2005 Table 4 - Crime in the United States 2005 - Per Region Table 20 - Crime in the United States 2005 - Per State by weapons 2006 Table 4 - Crime in the United States 2006 Table 20 - Crime in the United States 2006 2007 Table 4 - Crime in the United States 2007 Table 20 - Crime...
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