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  1. Received an email from Ruger regarding the LCRx in .22lr

    Hopefully we see them soon, I've been looking for a decently priced kit gun. Mike
  2. CCI Mini Mags

    Does anyone know whee I can find some? I need to break in a firearm. Thanks in advance. Mike
  3. ATF says it is now legal to shoulder arm brace

    I hope this is true.
  4. Save 10% when you purchase a new Browning by 4/30/17 Sorry if this is a dupe.
  5. M&P40c not popular?

    Hi guy, i'm in the market for a compact .40. I called numerous shops to see if they have a S&W M&P40c in stock and the three shops that i called said they don't have any because its not a very popular firearm. Just like to know if this is true and the reasons why it is not a desirable...
  6. Ruger's Switcheroo - Buckaroo

    Not sure if this is a joke.
  7. Ruger Introduces the GP100 in .22 LR
  8. Authorities Respond to Report of ’20 Victim Shooting’ Incident in San Bernardino Here we go again.
  9. Obama getting 2nd Nobel prize?

    I hope this is a hoax. Sorry if this a dupe
  10. Officer killed in Lake County, Illinois Officer shot fatally according to Fox. Manhunt ongoing
  11. GA: Wrong Address, Officer shot, Dog dead Mike
  12. LA: Officers serving and protecting Although there is a lot of info, it seems to be a little excessive. Just my $.02 Mike
  13. TX officer shot robber and fired for it. He drove his car into the showroom and started charging the cop. I'm no apologist, but wtf could the officer have done differently. Yes I understand that he should of waited for backup, but I think he...
  14. A dispatcher in Lawrence is under investigation
  15. NY- Use of force under investigation This could of turn ugly really fast, specially with the crowd gathering.
  16. Man arrested after bullet nearly hits sleeping baby Sad story, alcohol and firearms dont mix. Reports said he had a LTC. Mike
  17. Alien Gear just Released the 3.0

    Concealed carry holsters have never felt this good. Introducing the most comfortable, concealable gun holster on the planet. Any planet. We have integrated both superior comfort and concealment within the Cloak Tuck 3.0. Crafted by a team of engineers, this holster backer consists of an all-new...
  18. Dateline: My Kid Would Never Do That: Gun Safety NBC 6-21-15 @ 8 p.m. Sorry if this is a dupe. Mike
  19. Summer is here
  20. How do you check he age of ammo. I went to this site and found my ammo was from'04. I need more help getting he age of manufacture t hanks Mke
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