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  1. WTS Large office desk, FREE

    I am removing a large corner desk that was in my house when I bought it. It mounts to the walls, not a standalone. Nice desk, very sturdy and solid construction. We just have different plans for the room and nowhere to put it. Free to a good home. Located in Sterling, MA. Reasonable delivery...
  2. a MA neighborhood with "no firearms allowed" signage

    was driving around the cape with no itenary, no idea of where to go or what to do, just driving... we drove through Chatham, checked out all the big $$ houses on Morris island (and stage island) when we came across a "Private property, no tresspassing ABSOLUTELY NO FIREARMS ALLOWED" sign at the...
  3. today in Police accountability well as long as they weren't at serious fault... oh wait, I guess someone was at fault since...
  4. man charged with illegal gun possession for 4th time but we definitely need MORE laws right?
  5. police shoot to stop fight

    dog fight that is Cops shoot dogs in front of Pennsylvania high school - U.S. News
  6. next up for civil rights infringement in MA, expanded wiretapping

    Officials urge tougher state wiretapping law; highlight impact on reducing gun violence -
  7. Crossbreed belts

    does anyone have any experience with Crossbreed's belts? I have and love two of their supertuck IWB holsters but I need a good gun belt and was curious if anyone has one. if so do you have the V-clip and velcro backed package for complete concealment? is it worth it? thanks in advance!
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