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  1. Taking my wife shooting

    That why I just bought a walther p22 for her to shoot. Semi auto 22lr’s are great for going to the range. But what I didn’t tell her is I also bought a ruger Blackhawk in 357 and a m&p shield 45 at pretty much the same time, lol.
  2. Taking my wife shooting

    Oh this is funny. She lived with me down in Texas. She actually has guns I bough her down there but there in my name. She enjoys shooting a lot too. I just figured there was some screwy law in mass that made it illegal for her to shoot. She shoots 22’s she had a 9mm but couldn’t pull the slide...
  3. Taking my wife shooting

    Excellent, thanks gents
  4. Taking my wife shooting

    I’ve searched and didn’t find anything on this. Is it a crime to take my wife to the gun club and let her shot if she doesn’t have a license?
  5. Holding period for buying a hand gun in Mass

    Well I do want to start doing pistol shooting compitition. I love shooting pistol. Nick
  6. Holding period for buying a hand gun in Mass

    I'm just going to give up all together on a glock. Not accurate enough. I'll build a 1911 like I have wanted to for years. I dont know how much my wife will like it though, LOL. Nick
  7. Holding period for buying a hand gun in Mass

    The other one I was thinking about was a Glock 22 from 4 seasons. I want a gun that my wife will enjoy shooting. She has shot a beretta 92 in a 40 s&w and didnt have an issue with the recoil. But the gun was too heavy for her. She was a champ though, went through 3 clips. I would rather have...
  8. Holding period for buying a hand gun in Mass

    I have my LTC but since this is my first pistol I wasn't sure. Thanks for the info.
  9. Holding period for buying a hand gun in Mass

    Hey guys, I thinking about buying a hand gun this week. It will be my first one, a walther pk380. But I was wondering if they still put a hold on it when you buy it? Thanks, Nick
  10. Caspian 1911 frames

    Well I'm not to worried. It won't used double stack mags and of course it won't be an auto. Is is ok to use a muzzle break on them though. I know it's a dumb question but this is Massachusetts. Nick
  11. Caspian 1911 frames

    Oh really I didn't know that. So If I want to get a frame can I do that through you? How much do you charge for that service? I will probably be having you do the word too. I haven't been able to find many gunsmiths in Mass. This will be my first pistol but I want to do my homework and get...
  12. Caspian 1911 frames

    Hi Meth0d, Ya I thought it was pretty stupid. It was just lawyer crap LOL. Nick
  13. Caspian 1911 frames

    Hi Greg, Thanks for replying to my thread. Your close to me and I need a gunsmith to do the work once I get the parts for it. Do you have a ffl? Nick
  14. Caspian 1911 frames

    O so the guns legal the mags aren't LOL,,,,only in Mass Nick
  15. Caspian 1911 frames

    Cool thanks for letting me know. Ya I was going for a standard plane jane government frame. Now I just have to figure out how to get it LOL. One other thing, are the high capacity ones legal here? Thanks, Nick
  16. Caspian 1911 frames

    Hi Guy's Just wondering if anyone here has used Caspian 1911 frames and or are they legal here in Mass. Thanks for the help, Nick
  17. Action Urged on Governor's Lawful Citizen Imprisonment Act

    Why the hell did I leave texas [crying][crying][crying]
  18. 600 yards anyone?

    If your screws are loosening you might not be torquing them down high enough. If you don't reach the spec'ed torque preload for the screw it will never stay tight with out a locking agent. Gun looks great thought, The camo looks like the anti star light camo the military uses. Nice
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