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  1. Taking my wife shooting

    I’ve searched and didn’t find anything on this. Is it a crime to take my wife to the gun club and let her shot if she doesn’t have a license?
  2. Holding period for buying a hand gun in Mass

    Hey guys, I thinking about buying a hand gun this week. It will be my first one, a walther pk380. But I was wondering if they still put a hold on it when you buy it? Thanks, Nick
  3. Caspian 1911 frames

    Hi Guy's Just wondering if anyone here has used Caspian 1911 frames and or are they legal here in Mass. Thanks for the help, Nick
  4. Don't remember

  5. Good rifle case to ship a gun in

    Hi yall I will be shipping a gun from Texas to Massachusetts soon. Im not sure what brand of case to get to ship the rifle in and wanted so input from yall. Being from Texas I have never had to have a gun shipped so I have never had any real high dollar cases before so an advise would be...
  6. Goin Green

    Ok Im green now wahoo, hey wait I don't feel any different darn.
  7. My first rifle build

    This is my first build. I had all the work done by a gunsmith in Hempstead Texas called precision barrel works. Pete is now all over Texas for making amazing benchrest guns. It's a remington 700 action with a shilen barrel chambered in 300rum. It sitting on a H-S precision stock, bedded...
  8. Just wanted to say Hi and help???

    Hi all My name is Nick I just joined the forum today and wanted to introduce my self. I'm a Quincy resident and am currently getting my class a. I was told all that was left was the Chiefs approval. So if all goes well I will have my class a some time next week. A little about my self. I...
  9. Scituate Rod & Gun Club

    Hi all I'm new to the forum and am hoping to become member of a local gun club. I have been thinking about Scituate Rod & Gun Club. I live in Quincy and I know it's not the closets but I here they have turkey shoot's and allot of family oriented activities. Thanks, Nick
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