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  1. Chrome AR15

    DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Gilbert Gottfried will not be down...

    Wow that’s shitty! RIP
  3. am i the only one who likes the first gen s&w 9c compact pistols?

    I have traded 3 of these pistols off over the years and regretted it every time. Put Apex triggers in all of them. I just picked up my 4th 9c from a great member here about a month ago. Gonna hold onto this one for a while . I know Smith made a million of these pistols,but I feel like they are...
  4. Merry Christmas to all my NES family may you be healthy happy and warm

    Merry Christmas to my NES family
  5. Your New Knife!

    Just picked up a Pro Tech . Also just got my sweet NES coin!!!
  6. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    Gotta put that SPF up as soon as the deal is agreed upon as the seller. Done !
  7. ...

    Always thought those were pretty cool! Congrats and enjoy
  8. Semi High End Rods and Reels?

    G.loomis rods or kistler. Love shimano curado bait casters . For spinning Shimano Stradic MG
  9. Hopedale Pistol & Rifle Club Open House, June 13th

    I may have to check this out.
  10. Mass AK thread.

    Never had a problem with my M&M . One of my favorite rifles to shoot
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