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  1. Marine Veteran Saves Old Glory From The Trash

    Don "Munch" Gardner

    ATF - I received 2 phone calls, Text messages, emails below: 3/2/22 10:00 AM Boston Field Office and Boston FBI Hosting Educational Virtual FFL educational Webinar via Microsoft Teams This is for Massachusetts and Rhode island FFLs Informational materials and best practices on: FFL...
  3. Texas SWAT team responds to incident at synagogue as service Facebook livestream is disabled

    FBI IDs assailant in Texas hostage standoff British citizen Malik Faisal Akram, 44, from Blackburn UK, was shot dead after a standoff with police in Colleyville. Texas synagogue siege: Teens held in UK Two teenagers have been arrested in England as part of the investigation into a...
  4. Texas SWAT team responds to incident at synagogue as service Facebook livestream is disabled

    All hostages safe, out of Colleyville synagogue; Hostage-Taker Dead The FBI and local police said at a news conference Saturday night that three hostages who were held in a Colleyville synagogue for nearly 12 hours are unharmed and the hostage-taker is dead after a hostage rescue team...
  5. Chickens Lives Matter!

    Bill passed will prevent potential egg, pork shortage in Massachusetts Massachusetts lawmakers have passed a bill that prevents the state from facing a massive egg, poultry and pork shortage. We were just two weeks away from paying an enormous amount of money for basic items at...
  6. Family Accuses Cop Of Racist Shooting, Then They Find Out He’s Black

    "They insisted that racism played a factor in the officer’s response and that non-lethal action could’ve been used to stop Ruffin" Because had Ruffin been allowed to live than the family would still have the Welfare, EBT, SSI, government-sponsored assistance programs, and all other Gov. money...
  7. Out on Bail

  8. An accidental weapon discharge at Atlanta airport caused panic and halted flights

    Police ID passenger being sought after discharging gun at airport On Saturday evening at a press conference at the airport, Atlanta police announced they have issued warrants for the arrest of the passenger, Kenny Wells, 42. Charges include carrying a concealed weapon at a commercial airport and...
  9. Man armed with bow and arrow kills five people in Norway attacks, police say

    Norway attack: Victims killed with 'sharp object' not bow and arrow Five people who died in an attack in Norway last week were actually killed by a "sharp object" and not a bow and arrow as was initially reported. The suspect, Espen Andersen Brathen, shot at people with arrows in Kongsberg...
  10. Active shooter Brockton Cop shot

    Person Barricaded in a Brockton Home, Officer Shot and a second person shot also and has died A police officer was shot in Brockton, Massachusetts, Thursday, officials said, while a suspect was barricaded inside of a home. The shooting took place on Taber Avenue, Brockton police said. The...
  11. Man Treated After Shooting To Test Bullet-Resistant Vest

    "Bullet Resistant Vest" It actually worked very well. He's still alive, without it he'd be dead!
  12. Don't Be This Guy

    Give the guy who posted the video credit for his choice of ads to remind you to change your air filter!
  13. Don't Be This Guy

    Give him credit, he did use fuses and anti corrosive spray foam on the battery!
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