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  1. WTS 2 NIB AR-15 BCGs

    Location : Western Mass (above Springfield). Description : 2 AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups, never inserted in a rifle. Cannot recall where I got them from. The first one (bolt marked MPI) I think I got from one of the specialty manufacturers while the second may have come from MidwayUSA...
  2. Impairment Test

    Thought that this forum would appreciate this, found it on a friend's FB page.
  3. WTS S&W Model 64-5 DAO

    Location : Western Mass Description : S&W Model 64-5, DAO (from the factory), 4" barrel, round butt. This was one of 50 guns sold to Brinks in 1996. Lettered by SWHF/Roy Jinks. Good condition. Accessories : Two grips. Selling Terms : Cash, FFL transfer. Price : $650 OBRO. Contact...
  4. Which Branch of the US Military Service Offers the Best Quality of Life?

    An interesting albeit very short article view of military quality of life. (Came from the Quora forum) Which branch of the U.S. military service offers the best quality of life? As a former Coast Guardsman, I recall meeting a couple of Marines on the way from San Diego to Tijuana one evening...
  5. AR-15 Dwell Time

    Interesting video by Caleb Savant. Not sure (yet) how critical it is to the DIYer but some good information...
  6. Chris Costa on Training

    I know that there are a whole lotta people who know much more than me. That's why I seek out those who can pass on their knowledge.
  7. USS The Sullivans Taking on Water

    The Navy USS The Sullivans is taking on water.
  8. Bearded Arms, Chicopee MA

    Stopped in there tonight and met the owners, Brian and Stephanie. Seem like great people filling a void in the local area. I am already starting to make a list of items my son and I need. For those who know the area they are in the portion of the building formally occupied by KNT Computers...
  9. Yankee Hill Manufacturing?

    Has anyone heard anything about YHM recently? My son saw something on Reddit (maybe not the best source) about problems with YHM and their warranties. If there was I would have expected to hear something here.
  10. Paper Cartridges

    Does anyone here have any experience with paper cartridges?
  11. CCI Clean-22

    Visited the closest gun store (R&R in Belchertown) looking for whatever. Couldn't find any black powder items we needed and the gun selection was not all that good. Couldn't leave without something when I found this in the ammo shelves. Has anyone else seen this? Any range reports? With...
  12. Bravo Company BCGs

    Are these any good? Worth the price?
  13. .22LR Training Rounds/Snap Caps

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for durable ,22LR snap caps? I have a bunch of the plastic orange ones but the seem to break way too easily. I don't know if the "new" Pachmayr ones are any better than the older. The A-Zoom Blue Value line seems to be good but the .22 Rimfire Action...
  14. WTS ATI .45ACP 1911

    Location : Western Mass Description : ATI .45ACP 1911 Clone. VERY good condition, less than 100 rounds fired. One of the tightest .45s I've ever had. Shoots well. Accessories : Original box plus 2 7-round magazines Selling Terms : Cash, exact amount, FFL transfer Price : $750 OR BRO...
  15. ArcFlash Labs' GR-1 Anvil Portable Gauss Rifle

    A "railgun", of sorts. And it's Mass-legal!
  16. M1 Garand Disassembly Problem

    Doing my usual Winter complete disassembly and cleaning of my firearms and ran into a problem with my Garand. Got everything apart easily until I tried to take the gas cylinder plug (new style with Phillips Socket) out. Would not budge a millimeter. Was able to find a Phillips screwdriver...
  17. Abandoned (?) Car on the Street

    Hopefully someone here might give me some advice. Someone parked a car on my street, close to my driveway on the opposite side. My son had to manuever around it to get in our driveway at 3am when he came home from work. I called the local PD about it and an officer came out and just kind of...
  18. Dangerous Things are Dangerous: The Importance of Medical Training

    Ian and Karl are presenting a long (almost 32 minutes) video about the importance of medical training if you are going to play with potentially dangerous things. It centers on Ian's injury when one of his rifles fired out-of-battery and a piece of shrapnel hit him in the chest. Karl went into...
  19. Famed Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee Dies at 102

    This man definitely did his share...PLUS. [halfmast]
  20. Garand Specialist in Western Massachusetts?

    Is there anyone (gunsmith) in Western. maybe Central Massachusetts who specializes in M1 Garands? My son thinks that he may need a new barrel.
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