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  1. H&R Young American 32sw

    I have a low 8XXX serial# H&R Young American. Blued trigger guard 2” hex barrel. Its in decent condition for a 100+ yr old piece. It appears the friction pin is stuck in the down position or heavily worn. Question : it looks like this model had a free turning cylinder until you...
  2. Old crusty moldy Mossberg

    Poor old 164b-a has been sitting in a basement closet for god knows how long 22lr tube fed , sears 4x score, cloudy glass, pitted steel , moldy sling , rough wood. Pulled the bolt , bore has no obstructions. Off to the range with aome 1994 military contract Remington 22lr bought from...
  3. Decided to really stretch out my reloading supplies

    8 gns powder , 80 gn round ball. I can recover the round balls and just keep using them
  4. Anyone see black powder 3 or 4f in stock. South Shore Ma area

    Looking for balck powder to test and play with a few black powder pistols
  5. Foaming Bore Cleaner , poor old mosin

    I was using GunSlick Foaming bore cleaner for years then GunSlick brand was bought up by the Hoppes/Vista Outdoors I then gave Wipe out a try. It worked very well and I used up the can more quickly than usual doing some projects. Well when I decided to buy more its been back ordered or...
  6. Any optics collectors amongst us? Maybe MegaThread?

    Im not a collector : Do come across stuff from time to time. Looking for info
  7. Abandoned collection , owner pssed

    So how does one take possession of items from a deceased owners estate . No claims to owner ship on anything in the estate. No known paper work yet. House was abandoned owner passed away some time ago , friend asked as he is tearing down the house. The house had a fire over the summer.
  8. 2022 Schedule M1 Garand CMP Clinic/Match Games OCSA , Pembroke MA

    Season is upon us, Old Colony has club M1 garands for use or bring your own rifle. Please advise ammo price may change along with availability for M1 rifles , please call Rich on the Schedule below for any questions on ammo prices and availabilty Never Shot a M1 come on down , want to...
  9. Casting alloy and smelting Mega Thread

    Thread about casting alloys and smelting. Identification and uses. Smelting methods, ID of alloys and smelting Questions Lets try to keep it about alloy types and smelting
  10. Craigs list benches

    These are listed for sale South Coast Massachusetts. This is one listing there are a few others.
  11. 1903 C stock , back in stock w/cross bolts
  12. Anyone try this scope athlon helos-btr-1-4-5x24-atsr3-sfp-ir-moa/
  13. Faux case hardening coloring

    Anyone give this a try. I have a stevens 311 current “case” hardening is pretty much washed out. Perma Color™Case Coloring Kit Theres some light pitting. So im deciding to just clean it up and stop the rust or Go a bit more and try to faux it
  14. New Copy of FFL 03

    Its looking like my original FFL 03 was thrown away I was looking all over ATF and cant find out how to get another copy. Any help
  15. Going price for broom handle mauser

    I dont have alot of details yet Claims 8-10 for condition has some ammo Asking $1500
  16. Camp Perry National Rifle Trophy Records

    Been looking for a list of the Record setters at the nationals for Highpower/service rifle I can find records for individual results but not Record setting /holding
  17. Buck knives ?

    I have my share of buck knives but they are all 25 plus years old Its been a long time since I bought a knife I just liked the look of the 346 Vantage - large so I ordered it. It will see use and more than likely some abuse. Hows Buck these days
  18. M1 garands for those that cant wait

    No idea of the quality but I do know 3 people who picked up the M1 carbines Another friend just got one of the $399.00 mausers and its a very good shooter grade. Any how they have some M1s in “original” configuration and some “refinished” ones
  19. 513T US PROPERTY

    Ok so maybe I got your attention Anyone happen to have a spare front sling swivel mounting screw? Im pretty sure most of the 5xx series will work? Any other parts are also wanted
  20. WTB 308” and 358” round nose soft point bullets 150 gn - 200 gn for 30/30 and 35rem

    Looking round nose soft point bullets 308” 358” 150 grains -200 gn
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