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  1. Oath Keepers Introductory Meetup (02/13/13)

    Already a member. Took my oath on Lexington Green April 19, 2009. Have the commemorative patch on my bugout bag. [grin]
  2. Citizens unite against failed Gun Control policies by Rep. Linsky & Gov. Patrick

    Gov. Patrick and Rep. Linsky can take their 'Firearms Liability Insurance" proposal and we'll UP them one: Thoughts on the Green Beret Second Amendment letter « Bob Owens Specifically #6. "6. We support repeal of the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it...
  3. Citizens unite against failed Gun Control policies by Rep. Linsky & Gov. Patrick

    Citizens unite against failed Gun Control policies by Rep. Linsky & Gov. Patrick - Boston gun rights |
  4. Norfolk Residents - GO TO YOUR TOWN MEETING TONIGHT

    Another town "Chief Of Police" power grab for permission to do what you want on your own land. I see this as a violation of your personal property rights, but then the EPA has been ALLOWED by us to make a living off this for years. If there's one person (remaining) in Norfolk who wants to hunt...
  5. Boston Mayor Menino still blaming guns as homicides in Boston rise

    Boston Mayor Menino still blaming guns as homicides in Boston rise
  6. AL - Man Shoots & Kills Armed 13 Year-Old

    I've tied this story into my latest article posted today with respect to SB 661. Appreciate the tip about this story. Enjoy!
  7. NYT: I Hunt, but the N.R.A. Isn’t for Me

    Reuben you're no more mature in your thinking than Lily Raff McCaulou and obviously a product of our indoctrination camps (aka Public School System) where the Constitution isn't taught anymore. Heck what should we expect when the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of our own...
  8. NYT: I Hunt, but the N.R.A. Isn’t for Me

    Just a side note on this comparison between the AAA and NRA. While I agree with you on the basis of your premise that not every gun owner or hunter knows about the NRA there's some subtle differences between the two groups and the things they "protect". The NRA is working to educate folks...
  9. NYT: I Hunt, but the N.R.A. Isn’t for Me

    Chris Cox of the NRA did get a chance, within the limited space allowed him by the New York Times to refute this opinion piece with the headline: The View From the N.R.A.: ‘We’ll Fight for You’ I think Chris and I were on the same page when we wrote our articles (mine posted before his), but...
  10. National Geographic Doomsday Preppers offensively anti-life?

    Absolutely.... Global Warming just for starters...and if I had more time adding to this list would be fairly straight forward.
  11. National Geographic Doomsday Preppers offensively anti-life? This weeks column...just passing along a link to it with permission from Derek.
  12. The Right of Self-Defense Should Be Common Sense in the Commonwealth

    In support of S.661 An Act relative to the common defense...
  13. KB1UMC today!

    C-pher, that would be cool. Got the 8900R setup in my office today. Looking at an SWR meter (borrowed Diamond SX-40C) the 2M band on that MFJ-1729 is looking great @ 1.3. The 70cm band though was pushing 3.0 on the SWR with that antenna. Not good. Trying to figure out why now...perhaps its...
  14. KB1UMC today!

    John, appreciate the invite. I spent yesterday at the Clay Center with my son (KB1UGX). Nice people. Lots of food. The kids were amazing running these HF rigs. Very cool and learned alot. Just joined ARRL today and will be getting my 8900R setup today in my home office. 73's to all.[grin]
  15. KB1UMC today!

    I can also hit the Bridgewater repeater which is really odd considering I can't seem to raise N. Attleboro or Walpole.[hmmm]
  16. KB1UMC today!

    Bob J, I can hit Sharon with the HT (VX-7R) and an MFJ-1729 Antenna on the deck, or a Diamond on the car. Am having issues with the Attleboro and Walpole ones. Not sure why...maybe I don't have the tone set correctly? Anyway...after some thought and research I'm picking up a FT-8900R...
  17. KB1UMC today!

    That makes sense. I'm about 200', but behind a somewhat dense wall of trees. I've seen the radio recommendations made in another thread and will do some further research to figure out what to get to start with. I'm also going to begin study for the General.
  18. KB1UMC today!

    Thanks everyone. Being in Mansfield and only owning an HT at the moment hitting Paxton (50 miles away) is out of the question. Give me a few weeks to survey radio options and pick something up more powerful and perhaps I will be able to do so. How much power would I need to to reach that far...
  19. KB1UMC today!

    Just found my call sign listed in the ULS database today. Took the test last week on Thursday.
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