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  1. German sniper (?) Scopes

    Double claw mounts. Just in case you want to see an image to the mating side. Yes I am Scope-less. My hunt continues. Great score.
  2. HK P30?

    I have a friend who owned a P30 and they had issues with the long trigger pull. I could shoot theirs well but the trigger pull was different. They sold the P30. I rather prefer the VP9SK trigger and concealability over the P30. My EDC is the SIG P365 which shoots better than the VP9SK. YMMV...
  3. P80 Build (Slow and Steady)

    check out youtube .......marine gun builder You'll thank me later
  4. Input on Buying a new Single Stage Press

    Another vote for Lee Classic. I reload 9mm 38 and 45 by the thousands and love mine.
  5. Tinnitus

    Left active duty the first time (enlisted) in 1983. Assistant Machine gunner on a M60 /Infantry/Paratrooper ended up loosing a fair amount of hearing over time. Went back for Officer Basic in 1988, finished up for good in 1990's. Hearing went down hill over time. Diagnosed a good candidate...
  6. Pack and Postal store info

    They know the muffin
  7. Pack and Postal store info

    I am a frequent visitor of the shop and highly recommend. I have posted numerous times about the Pack & Postal. Glad to see they have made an official account for the shop. Wonder if the P&P crew will be able to figure out which customer I am. One hint: Muffin Man
  8. For those wanting to go tor four seasons

    One of the employees there is close friend of mine. He had symptoms took the test and failed. He is isolating now. Looks like 4 or 5 people are positive. Offering to get his groceries and do a ding-dong ditch.
  9. Getting LTC in Woburn???

    I came from Revere with Class A unrestricted to Woburn (Wu) over 25 years ago. Every one of the ladies (there have been a few) who processed my LTC were all nice and pleasant. Since I had a Class A already my first renewal after moving to Woburn was also unrestricted. Same thing for my wife and...
  10. Luger Resources?

    Pack and Postal in Lancaster Ma typically has a good selection on the wall. This pictures stolen from their Facebook page. I think they have more now than in this picture.
  11. AK style 7.62x54R?

    @jpm , @42! I bought last one in the shop. Sorry they are now out. Most of the SVT 40s were in the 2 - 2,2K range. The SVT 38 went out to an auction house.
  12. AK style 7.62x54R?

    One of he local shops had 4 SVTs all Finish capture. Here are three of the better one's. The bottom one is a SVT-38, rare in the US from what I understand. I was able to grab the top one after two other people staked a claim and ended up passing. The top one has the AVT (Automatic) stock...
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