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  1. Anyone else having issues not showing logged in on some threads?

    Quoting John Lennon actually.
  2. Anyone else having issues not showing logged in on some threads?

    I've seen this a couple of times, also seen my ID switch to yours at logout instead of the Log In button. 🎼 I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together ...
  3. Anyone else having issues not showing logged in on some threads?

    I haven't seen that one. A couple of days ago when I logged out the user ID in the corner changed to someone else. When I clicked on it, it brought up a login screen instead of his profile so at least it didn't have any site security implications. Brave on Windows 10. @sHORTY - any insight?
  4. What cartridge for firing squad?

    The Saudi's do that now - no need to recreate an antique warrior class. How clean the executioners cut depends on how well the condemned's family tip them.
  5. Gun Grabbing Nancy Pelosi Tests Positive for Covid

    I didn't know the virus had a gender.
  6. show us your designer, tacticool, $$$ bug out bags [BOB bag]

    @Broccoli Iglesias might think you have a .40 in it though ... :)
  7. Estate Planning: Who are you leaving your guns too? What is you have no one to leave them too?

    Attach a picatinny rail to one and combine two hobbies with your new tactical fleshlight!
  8. “No Civilian Needs AR-15s”

    Saw a clip from a Ukrainian presser on the news a few minutes ago. One of the soldiers (? wearing fatigues anyway) in the background released his magazine and looked confused. People with more experience handling firearms wouldn't have that problem. ETA @Quite_Exasperated found it...
  9. Wedding Gun

    He only shoots in the air.
  10. Pawn Shop Guns

    Hmm ... when Waltham was open we didn't call them material handlers (at least in Bedford).
  11. Wedding Gun

    Does the father of the bride get a choice of shotguns?
  12. Rhetorical questions that need to be asked

    My first thought was Washington.
  13. CPAP and 2022 Shortages

    This has been my answer. I've been as low as four gallons when supply has been really dried up. So far it's enough of a buffer stock.
  14. One less crazy lib in the NH House

    Crazy eyes, don't use your real name and don't take her home.
  15. Shooters Outpost attempted break-in this morning

    If I owned a gun shop it would have a Facebook account to make sure I controlled the brand on that platform. Ditto Twitter, Instagram, and whatever the next social media lemming stampede will be. I don't and won't have personal accounts on these sites. Business is different.
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