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  1. CQB Simunitions November 3rd (Connecticut)

    Connecticut PistolWorx Registration on the website, currently the only Simunitions FX class in the state. Learn CQB basics for home owner, house search, dynamic low light, TCCC crash course, Care under fire and most importantly test new skills and concepts against another human being. $165...
  2. Conceal Carry: Use of Force - Connecticut October 7th

    We are also going to have special offers from CCW Safe!
  3. VIDEO: how not to get pulled over with a gun.................. seems legit
  4. Advanced Pistol August 27th Columbia Connecticut

    Correction, new date is October 8th. This fast paced course is designed for the intermediate to advanced pistol owners seeking further develop their defensive skill set . This 8+hour course will be 100% range based and is derived from sound tactics, principles and filled with dynamic...
  5. Video: Oakland is officially gone

    just disgusting....
  6. Facebook winner of the day!

  7. Action Shotgun/Pistol Match Connecticut SUNDAY Aug 9th

    I know its last minute but the match is a go. 4 stages. some shotgun only some pistol only others combo. bring birdshot, pistol about 50 each to be on the safe side. Google: Harwinton Rod and Gun in Harwinton,CT Start time 9am for registration.
  8. Biden buy a shotgun song: VIDEO great job who ever...
  9. Ct loon: tax write off for turning in your AR15

    Just want to know: what's "high capacity ammunition"??? And where can I get some?
  10. My fav pic from nevada

    sent from my NSA approved phone
  11. Georgia's Safe Carry Protection Act

    looks like im moving to Georgia!
  12. Ct state police: no door to door confiscation Read towards the bottom of the page.... sent from my NSA approved phone
  13. Feds shoot down Montana's 2A law...

    another legal avenue closed....
  14. video: civilians vs APC (in Kiev) angle #2 i'm wondering if the APC's occupants had doubts on the APCs ability to protect its occupants from being burned alive inside (hence the reason for abort mission)
  15. Ohio National Guard vs Gun owners/2nd Amendment planting the seed. Gun owners = terrorist Vets = terrorists Constitutionalist = terrorist limited government = terrorists Pro Americans = terrorists its amazing how stuff that was off...
  16. DHS on illegals: They're here and they're not going away

    I wanna ask then..since no constitutional right grants protection to criminal foreigners but there is one granting me an AR15...since I have one can I keep one?
  17. Judge: ct awb legal It was rigged from the word go. The whole system is corrupt and needs to go sent from my NSA approved phone
  18. Cali Court: AK47s not covered by 2A with a stroke of a pen more rights taken away...
  19. California lawmakers move to shield illegal immigrants from deportation

    California lawmakers move to shield illegal immigrants from deportation | Fox News This is on top of the moonbat legislators debating on giving illegal immigrants law licenses... Me thinks the 49 states should vote to force California out of the union immediately...
  20. Murphy and Bloomenthol going after Starbucks

    waste of life doing what they do true socialist fashion... Dems join push to bar guns in Starbucks - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |
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