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  1. R.I.P. Cpl Dawson

    Rest In Peace, Cpl John Dawson. "A Grateful Nation Salutes You" and our prayers go out to your family.
  2. 1911 shooting low and left?

    All right guys, need help from the 1911 users. I bought a S&W 1911ES a few months back and have been struggling with it. I shoots low and left. I am trying to figure out if it is me or the sights. If I go back to the Glock 19 dead on.I checked the pie chart, my fundamentals are good, nice groups...
  3. SW1911ES flush fit magazines?

    Has anyone purchased flush fit magazines for there SW1911ES? I am looking to pick some up and wanted to find out which magazines were working for others.I was looking at the Checkmate magazines.
  4. Ruger SR9C now for sale in MA?

    I saw the SR9C is now for sale in MA. Good to see a few new models available. Anyone purchase one yet? They seem to have good reviews. I would think the trigger pull would be no different from there non MA model do to the manual safety, but I could be wrong.
  5. Pennsylvania Non Resident Permit to Cary?

    Has anyone reduced there PA permit down in a copier and laminated the permit, so it will fit in your wallet and be more durable? Would a copy be valid? On a side note it only took 4 days to get my permit back.
  6. LDA trigger?

    I did a search, but did not quite see what I was looking for. You folks who own Para's, is the LDA trigger pull, the same on MA compliant models and standard models? I was asked the question the other day and had no idea. So I will ask those more knowledgeable, here. Thanks.
  7. .45 Auto Rim

    Has anyone seen any .45 Auto Rim for sale any were in MA? Thanks.
  8. S&W Night Guard 325 45ACP

    Has anyone purchased a 325 yet? Looking for any feed back on th S&W 325 Night Guard. Thank You.
  9. MSAR STG-556?

    Anyone here buy one? How do you like it? If you bought the 4th Generation, have you tried using AUG magazines? Have you had any look finding preban AUG magazines? Even if you were stuck using 10 round magazines it is a pretty cool rifle and when I saw one a at First Defense Firearms, I could not...
  10. M14/M1A magazines?

    Any one using the T-57 Taiwanese M14 magazines? How are the working for you? Or are there better option's here in MA? Thanks.
  11. Holster for Rossi M720?

    Need your help guys. I have a Rossi M720, 3" barrel, 44SP. I have had it a long time and love the gun, but I never bought a holster for it. Now, I cannot even find a holster manufacture that lists the gun. I thought I might be able to match up a S&W holster of the same frame size, but I am not...
  12. S.1401 Heads to Governor's Desk

    Massachusetts: Emergency Powers Legislation Heads to the Desk of Governor Patrick! Please Contact Governor Patrick TODAY! S.1401, "An Act Prohibiting the Confiscation of Lawfully Owned Firearms During a State of Emergency", sponsored by State Senator Richard T. Moore (Worcester and...
  13. Heller Decision GOAL Donations

    Just made my Heller Decision GOAL Donation. I figured it was time to put my money were my mouth was.
  14. NH resident bringing Ammo into MA?

    Have a friend coming down from NH, he has a case of 7.62x39 for me. He does not have a MA Non-Resident Permit. Is it legal for him to bring it down, or do I need to pick it up? He is a good friend and I do not want him getting into trouble if he gets pulled over. Thanks guys.
  15. CCF Race Frame?

    Can you replace a broken Glock frame with a CCF Race Frame in MA? Thanks.
  16. S.1401 - Call you Reps and ask them to suport this.

    Just wanted to pass this on. Call or write you Reps, so we can get this passed. Thanks guys. Gun Owners' Action League "Protecting Your Freedom Begins Here" The Official Firearms Association of Massachusetts ...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed...
  17. ArmaLite AR-180B?

    Looking for information from folks who own or have shot the AR-180B. What you liked and disliked about the rifle and general impressions of said rifle. Thanks guys.
  18. Short Barrel Rifle in MA?

    Anyone know the laws regarding short barrel rifles in MA?
  19. Moving a gun safe into the basement?

    OK guys, any ideas on how to move a 700 pound gun safe down the bulkhead (6 steps,concrete) and into the basement. The safe company, which is 15 minutes from my house, wants $500 to move it. The safe in on sale for $850, so thats over half the price to move and install it [frown].Thanks for the...
  20. MA Compliant MP 45

    Has any one heard anything about a MA Compliant MP 45? Will it be on the next list?
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