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  1. account upgrade expiring email

    received annual email about subscription expiring however there is no "purchase" option for NES Memberships I'm confused, Thanks, Rich
  2. WTS VW tires and wheels $600.00 For NES

    purchased Aug 20, 2018 and removed from car after only 1086 miles before switching to Winter tires setup on Nov. 13, 2018 General G-Max RS 235/45 ZR 17 Road Force Balanced 7.5 Jx 17H2 5x112 ET47 May also fit Audi, Bmw, Mercedes, Etc.
  3. Washington Times, Poll: Should President Trump listen to Democrats and abolish ICE?

    Poll: Should President Trump listen to Democrats and abolish ICE? - Washington Times have fun Rich
  4. fbi statistics

    I searched and did not find any definitive posts that take the FBI crime statistics and breakout rifles/pistols/suicide/etc numbers/percentages. what I would like to do is produce a business card sized printout of the fbi numbers, example < 2% of homicides related to rifles, 11% knives etc...
  5. free safes, providence craigslist that is all I know, Rich
  6. Free Safe, Craigslist Warwick RI

    No affiliation just Fyi
  7. POLL

    we are currently behind. looks like same question as union ledger
  8. New survey on

    concerning Rhode Island gun laws. They probably added it due to the new Federal Suit against the Bristol CLEO Rich
  9. Survey on Providence Journal regarding new bills lessening gun violence

    RI lawmakers unveil gun-control package, including ban on semiautomatic assault weapons | Breaking News | | The Providence Journal have at it, Rich
  10. NRA Poll

    NRA-ILA 2013 TAG Poll fyi, Rich
  11. another poll on providence journal, Re Senate Judiciary committee

    Senate committee to start votes on curbing guns / Watch live | Breaking News | | The Providence Journal poll in the "related" box middle right of article Rich
  12. poll on about $100 registration fee per gun.

    currently 75% opposed to the proposed bill.
  13. ruger pc9 Mass Comlpiant?

    Sorry but I can't find if the 9mm carbine is allowed in Mass. I don't see in on any of the lists, but since Marlin Camp is approved I'm assuming the ruger is in the same category. Probably a silly question but is there a comprehensive list on any of Mass. websites. thanks, Rich
  14. Utah Sheriff's Association open letter to Obama

    I thought y'all might enjoy this
  15. No charges for "Meet the Press" host Gregory for displaying high-capacity magazine

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