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  1. Video of who the Infantry actually likes Only prior service will get this one.
  2. This guy made 4 combat jumps in WW2....passing at age 102

    Fought in WW2, Made four combat jumps....... lived to 102 years old. H-Minus Sir One Of The Few World War II Paratroopers To Make 4 Combat Jumps With The 82nd Airborne Has Died
  3. A NES-er in the news

    Had the pleasure recently to meet another NES member the other day. He had a good story to tell. I will not call him out by name but it's a good read. View:
  4. 05 - 2019 Mass Roster released

    The new Mass firearms roster is out Firearms Roster 05-2019.pdf One that I've had on back order for months is finally Mass approved.
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