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  1. SOLD Above Ground Pool Filter

    Starbright DE50 with hoses and accessories. Needs gaskets and o-rings ($10-15 kit). Near Nashua, NH. $200 takes the lot.
  2. SOLD CL came through: Child's Wooden Desk

    Child size desk, pine with light color finish. I don't remember whether I stained it or not, it might just be polyurethane finish. Normal wear for ~20 years old. New drawer pulls. $50 in Nashua, NH area.
  3. NHFC Website is down

    Title says it all, I found out when going to look at the primary endorsements. No idea whether this is temporary.
  4. Pennsylvania Bans Shovels!

    The enemy is relentless and the cancer is spreading. NRA-ILA | Pennsylvania AG Targets Partially-Manufactured Receivers, Gun Owners
  5. WWV Threatened - WH Petition Link

    There is a budget proposal to shutdown the WWV and WWVH time and frequency services. A White House petition has been started to reconsider and needs 100,000 signatures in 30 days. Please sign the petition by following the link below and share the link on other forums. The Proposed Shutdown of...
  6. Nashua Telegraph Poll

    News, Sports, Jobs - The Nashua Telegraph "Are you in favor of stricter gun regulations?" Currently at 62.73% NO which is good, but that lead has been eroding for a few days which is bad. Have fun.
  7. WTS Small deck for above ground pool

    Selling a small deck for an above ground pool. This was custom built with stairs that fold up and a bench. A ladder into the pool (mounting brackets shown) is included. In the background for scale is a 24 foot round pool that will not be reopening this season. $200 or BRO takes it.
  8. NH AG Turns Protection from Unjustified NICS Reporting into a Reporting Requirement Of course Mad Maggie loves it: Here's the text from HB 1696 Our AG twisted this into a...
  9. Thinning the primary herd

    All the Republican candidates profess to support 2A rights. Here's a way to sort where they really stand. Go to a campaign event and ask the candidate what they will do as president to reverse existing legal restrictions on 2A.
  10. Reloading guide mismatch

    I have a box of Berry's bullets (9mm 115 gr. RN) with a recommended overall length 1.130. Powder is Hodgdon CFE Pistol which recommends overall length 1.100 for 115 gr. LRN. Their only other data is for SPR GDHP which I'll try another time. Source on both is the manufacturer's websites. Short of...
  11. NRA backs H.R. 2959 when there's a better option

    I got an email about encouraging my representative to cosponsor (fat chance with Kuster!) [angry] Once I looked into the bill it got strange. Here's the key passage from H.R. 2959: "(b) The possession or carrying of a concealed handgun in a State under this section shall be subject to the...
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