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  1. Medical training in MA

    View: In Central CT. This class will have Simunitions scenarios.
  2. More police protecting and serving

    Not stopping for a traffic stop and evading police is not a grave danger to the public? The only liberalism here is the outright defense to the criminal element that cares nothing about anyone else.
  3. More police protecting and serving

    No because of liberal pursuit policies. Usually the same people that think child rapists should serve 5 years or less.
  4. More police protecting and serving

    Stopping a pursuit that endangers everyone is not misconduct.
  5. More police protecting and serving

    Would you feel better if that never happened but this "kid" ran over a 3 year old crossing the street? Most pursuit policies put the burden of near impossible feats on officers and never on the criminals. Policies and tort reform need to happen to a. Hold criminals accountable and not burden...
  6. CQB Simunitions November 3rd (Connecticut)

    Connecticut PistolWorx Registration on the website, currently the only Simunitions FX class in the state. Learn CQB basics for home owner, house search, dynamic low light, TCCC crash course, Care under fire and most importantly test new skills and concepts against another human being. $165...
  7. Conceal Carry: Use of Force - Connecticut October 7th

    We are also going to have special offers from CCW Safe!
  8. More police protecting and serving doesn't look like his trigger finger is indexed from that POV...
  9. VIDEO: how not to get pulled over with a gun.................. seems legit
  10. Advanced Pistol August 27th Columbia Connecticut

    Correction, new date is October 8th. This fast paced course is designed for the intermediate to advanced pistol owners seeking further develop their defensive skill set . This 8+hour course will be 100% range based and is derived from sound tactics, principles and filled with dynamic...
  11. Excruciathlon VI 2017 Photos

    My only contribution. that was the cleaner part of me...
  12. N/D Of The Week
  13. More police protecting and serving

    Photoshop Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk
  14. More police protecting and serving

    Fify Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk
  15. More police protecting and serving

    Ok lets run this by the numbers...simplified, so it makes sense....ok? 1. 2 vehicles get in a car accident... 2.They called for the police to come to them to process the paperwork... 3. they're waiting for the cops.... 4. they see cops show up they go to talk to the cop. why in the world...
  16. More police protecting and serving

    Like this???
  17. More police protecting and serving

    The 2nd time he was shot at his arms were full extended and over his head! The fact that no one rendered ANY first aid to him will cost that PD millions, and should cost some their jobs. My least fav part about this video is how the officer that shot him kept pretending for at least 2 minutes...
  18. Article: N.H. eliminates license requirement to carry concealed gun, effective immedi

    does this mean a non resident can carry open in NH?
  19. DQ video

    the guy at the 4:06 mark...thats more of a range rule than anything...not really unsafe.
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