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  1. Upcoming Public Hearing on Gun Bills Monday March 11th

    Upcoming Public Hearing on Gun Bills Monday March 11th
  2. 2019 Pending Legislation in Ct.

    2019 Pending Legislation - CCDL Blog
  3. Public hearing on the proposed carry permit fee increases ACTION ALERTPublic hearing on the proposed carry permit fee increases The Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 10:30 A.M. in Room 2E at The Legislative Office Building (LOB) located at 300 Capitol Avenue...
  4. Malloy Will Offer Amnesty After All To Some Gun Owners
  5. Interview with CCDL President Scott Wilson

    FTR CCDL Connecticut Citizens Defense League - YouTube Or here: CCDL Blog | Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc. Blog
  6. Gun owners map removed
  7. Lawyer looking for Petition signers-EMAIL US-Class ACTION Federal Challenge to Ban

    NY folks check this out........
  8. Can this be real ??

    found this surfing tdy, OMG........
  9. A Call out To All CT. Gun Owners, Or Anyone Interested

    As we all know in these new and trying times in Ct. from recent events. Its time all legit gun owners to come together and speak with one voice. We all have been through this before and their will be "been there/done that's" but don't let naysayers sway you. I advocate us all once again write...
  10. Call out to HKdrummer, get the word out

    And All concerned listen hear @ 8:00pm-11:00pm EST ctcarry will speak @ 9:00pm EST listen here: Read here: Rich has national exposure and supports us
  11. Email from GOA

    Paste from email: Gun Owners of America Harry Reid Prepares to Annihilate Second Amendment “Our Founders intended the Senate to be a body where legislation was slowed down and subject to improvement through extended debate and amendment. [Harry] Reid’s proposed ‘reforms’ would remove two of...
  12. Getting crazier every day.......

    Cops kicked out of Denny's
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