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  1. Holiday greetings

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah to all those currently serving and to those who have served. I'm proud to be part of a really selective group of Americans.
  2. S&W Model 627 .38 Super

    Jut came across this at the S&W site. Talk about colorful, what do the forum members think?
  3. Former MVP McNair found dead

    Please remove, dupe.
  4. Supporting Veterans

    I ran across this one night watching college hockey, UNH. I purchased two myself and must say these are very nice hats. What it will do for veterans? Operation Hat Trick is dedicated to Navy SEAL, Nate Hardy, the son of a University of New Hampshire professor and his wife, who was...
  5. Firefox and NES

    Everything was working fine until 11/24/08. Today 11/24 using Firefox I was unable to use the smilies in any of my posts The default smilies appear in the post, but when I click on any of them, nothing, like they do not exist. When clicking on the extended smilies, nothing, like that link does...
  6. Money to throw around?

    I'd love to own this beauty. But, I guess this would only end up as a safe queen. It still is a really good looking revolver, a bit out of my price range though...
  7. Rifle Cases At Building #19

    I was at Building #19 in Haverhill, MA (Route 97) yesterday 5-28-08, and they had some rifle cases, hard and soft. If your in the area, might be worth checking out.
  8. Colt's Customer Service

    In 1990, I purchased a Colt MKIV 80 Government .380. In September 07 while cleaning the pistol, yours truly damaged the sear spring. Called Colt Manufacturing and told their representative that I caused the damage. Colt gave me a Repair Order No. and I shipped it to them via UPS. About 3 days...
  9. My LTC Experiences

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