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  1. Anyone a member at Marlboro fish and game?

    I’m heading down to Marlboro soon to visit my parents. Told my dad I’d take him shooting as he’s a member at the fish and game. Neither him nor I have even there in probably years. I’m just curious what to expect and what I need to bring. Last time I went there wasn’t even target stands, is...
  2. WTB 365xl nib

    Looking for a NIB sig 365xl. Im located in Haverhill Ma. Hoping to keep it somewhat local in Ma but can travel if needed. Thanks! Derek
  3. NFA Items - Picture thread

    im using the arisaka mount for the offset rds. the mount itself can be set for a 33* or a 45* offset depending how big your primary optic is. I have mine mounted a bit close to the LPVO. The turret appears barely thru my red dot but when shooting with both eyes open the sight picture is pretty...
  4. NFA Items - Picture thread

    12.5: 10.3
  5. 5320.20

    Not questioning your answer - but do you have any sources? Trying to determine how many form 20’s I need and, no offense, but “I read it on the internet” probably won’t cover my ass. I read this on If you are taking your NFA firearms to multiple locations in other...
  6. WTS Eotech exps 2-0 new black

    practically new exps 2-0. Comes with box. Model with side controls and quick disconnect This was mounted on an upper and put in the safe. Not planning to finish this build so I’m parting it out and going a different direction. One minor scuff from the safe 520 shipped. 500 pickup Venmo/...
  7. Form 20’s

    Thank you
  8. Form 20’s

    I tried searching but came up dry. Do form 20’s require to be printed and mailed in? On my computer I can’t edit some of the fields. Perhaps I’m missing something? furthermore - who has done one recently? What’s the average wait time? kindly, Derek
  9. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    submitted 12/13. Got my “submitted email” then got a “submitted email” on 1/12. The rep said it was approved and was supposed to be an “approved” email with my stamp I did. It still has the word “submitted” over my form. Not approved. However the rep said it’s approved in the system, and form...
  10. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Has anybody had to use the “ask an expert” function? I spoke on the phone to a representative about my “approved” form 1. She said it was approved but I was accidentally sent the wrong email saying my form 1 was submitted (again). I never received my stamp. she told me to use the “ask an...
  11. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Submitted 12/13 - got my email saying E forms was changed to SUBMITTED/IN PROCESS. Got another email 1/12 saying my E forms status was changed to SUBMITTED/IN PROCESS. This ever happen to anyone?
  12. Why do I need to efa10 a SBR anyway

    Maybe I’m misinterpreting some posts but it appears it’s suggested to FA10 as a pistol and and its wrong to FA10 as a rifle. I can’t be the only one who had a lower on an FA10 as a rifle that switched to an sbr. Is this an issue?
  13. Why do I need to efa10 a SBR anyway

    I’m curious about instances like my own. I had a 16” rifle that I used for a couple years. Decided to turn it into an sbr. I got a stamp, got it engraved, then got an sbr upper. It was Fa10’d years ago as a rifle.
  14. MVB Arc pdw style stock. Price drop

    Bump to the top
  15. Non-Res MA LTC after moving to NH

    Bumping this thread to avoid starting another one with a similar question. I currently live in Haverhill. In the near future I plan to move to NH and rent my house in Haverhill. Does owning the property in Haverhill, Ma despite not living in it, while living in NH change my situation in terms...
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