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  1. WTS wts honda lawnmower

    6.5HP hydrostatic drive 21" honda lawnmower. Has plastic deck, adjustable wheels. was top of the line when i bought it approx 5 yrs ago, rear bagger, excellent mulcher has 2 blades. $250.00 or BRO JimB
  2. WTS WTS toro snowblower

    Toro 8hp 26" snowblower approx 4 yrs old. has 3 sided enclosure ans 33b weight kit for counter balance. Model no 38624 $500.00 cash or BRO, moving will not need it. JimB
  3. WTS woodworking machinery for sale

    except for the lathe i bought all of these new. 1.Grizzly 6x48" belt sander model G1183 $350.00 2. Campbell Hausfeld 80 gallon compressor Mod. C1q71083v $950.00 3.sold 4. Delta hollow chisel mortiser model 14-650...
  4. WTB cement work

    looking for a contractor to install precast steps with railings and cut a short cement wall and install a step with railings. JimB
  5. WTB metal tub

    i'm looking for a metal tub or tray that measures 6" HX 6"W x 24" long that will hold water. wtb or any suggestions greatly appreciated. JimB[grin]
  6. WTS WTS cub cadet snowblower

    Model year 1998 Auger width 30" HP 10.5 engine tecumseh snow king cab 3 sided steerable track drive ORIGINAL OWNER always stored inside new starter jan 2013 spare parts: 2 belts shear pins owners manuals $450.00 cash only can be seen in...

    I had to replace some parts on my dillon 650, i hate allen wrenches, seems it takes foever to loosen and remove a bolt. sockets with allen wrench ends are available, simply attach to a socket handle and it makes it a breeze, in some cases you might only need the socket itself, be very...
  8. unwanted pop ups

    getting pop up ads, cannot read anything.... don't get them when i look at other forums,. JimB
  9. need auto mechanical help

    i had an oil change today and they found some problems.... i've been there before and i believe them: Vehicle: 2001 chevy 1 ton van, 5.7 liter v8, problems: cost: new water pump. $423 includes pump, new hoses, coolant power steering...
  10. patrick gives S&W $6 million

    Deval Patrick is giving Smith & WEsson $ 6 million in exchange S&W will expand their operations in Springfield to the tune of $65 million.. I AM LISTENING TO MICHAEL GRAHAM NOW AND I CAN'T IMAGINE THIS HAPPENING.... DEVAL IS PRO GUN, HOW ELSE CAN YOU FIGURE THIS... JIM
  11. obama

    got postal mail from (you won't believe it) Barack Obama himself. addressed to me personally. his picture was even in there. i'm so flattered, he's looking for a contributions to the DN&C,,,,,, well i would be more that glad to respond with and empty envelope.
  12. log on

    for some reason my user name and password is not remembered, and each time i have to log in. How can this be fixed??? JimB
  13. the shellsorter

    Has anyone tried this plastic sorting gadget. Looks interesting. got any feedback???????????? JimB
  14. WTB

    anyone have an extra can of case lube they would like to sell. JimB
  15. Dillon Precision

    I'm sure we have many compliments in here about Dillon products, but i couldn't find any. Here my story: couple weeks during a loading session a primer went off, loud bang, bright flash. The most visible damage i could find was the follower rod and the magazine. I called Dillon...
  16. STI

    In the recent issue of "Guns and Ammo" STI announced that it will no longer do business in Caleeeefornia. Guns and Ammo March 2008 pg. 38 "Sti international , manufacturer of competition and law enforcement hand guns, has stopped sales in California over a new state law requiring that...
  17. wolf primers

    Has nayone here used Wolf primers.. any problems load them and did they shoot well. JimB
  18. primers

    Anyone interested in a group purchase of primers. We could split the shipping and hazmat. If you are: please post what you would like or send me a PM. I will send a PM on price and the source....if you like it i'll need some cash before i place the order. maybe if we get enough we...
  19. bullet pullers

    I just purchased a Lyman bullet puller (hammer) I'm following the brief instructions, but not haing any good resluts. They are 45acp that have been crimped.. what am i doing wrong?????? JimB
  20. wheresdalead

    If your looking for a reason as to the high cost of relaoding lead, start with your childs toy box... The chinese for the 3rd time are being called on the carpet for lead paint in toys. I'm talking about thousands and many many more..... I thought we as a country had decided to do...
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