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  1. NYTimes Article about Children and Guns - The Hidden Toll Long article, negative against the NRA but doesn't go over the top. Though I'm not sure I follow the reasoning that the number of gun-related deaths is undercounted, considering the large number of suicides that are...
  2. Bass Pro Remington R-25 .308, Nikon M-308, Plano Custom Case Package

    Hi, I saw a rifle at Bass Pro recently that was a Remington R-25 .308 with a Nikon M-308 scope in a custom cut Plano case, perfectly fitted (around the scope and mount too). I cannot for the life of me find *anything* about this package on the internet, but I know it existed. And it...
  3. DKX MAX IIIA Pistol Armor Plates

    Hi, I just bought these ultra-light Level IIIA plates from DKX, and they just arrived. It is unbelievable how light (and bendable!) these plates are. Has anyone verified they actually work. They feel like a piece of plastic covered in rubbery Rhino... Not sure I trust them, but they are...
  4. S&W .380 Bodyguard Hype?

    I just noticed that one of these is for sale for $700+ in our classifieds section (even though it costs $399 new). Other than that post being blatantly sketchy and attempting to take advantage of people who have no clue that they are getting ripped off, what is all the hype about this firearms...
  5. Strange Dick's Sporting Goods Incident and Store Policy

    So I called up Dick's Sporting Goods looking for a particular rifle. I called the Dedham store, and they did in fact not only have the rifle (pretty high-end model), but the price was amazing, far below what I expected. I told them to please hold it for me and I would be over to pick it up. I...
  6. Impossible to buy gun at Bass Pro Shop

    So I've been looking for a .22 LR or .17 HMR for coyote (not sure which at this point, not really sure if .17 HMR is considered smaller than .22 LR and therefore legal, and if its enough to do the job with a 20gr bullet). Anyway, I took a look at some of the rifles that they had at Bass Pro...
  7. New acquisitions for January 2009!

    Lets see the new toys for the new year!
  8. Bass Pro Shop Loses Another Sale

    So, I'm a MA resident, and Bass Pro Shops was such a huge deal coming to a town near me. I couldn't have been more pleased. So, I try to shop there, spend my money, so the place doesn't get closed down. But, every time I try to buy something expensive there, it doesn't work out... So this...
  9. Folding Stock on Bolt Action?

    I assume that having a folding stock on a bolt action rifle is OK under MA law? I looked at all the definitions, and as far as I can tell, such a rifle is not an assault rifle (explicitly excluded since it has a manual bolt), nor is it large capacity (removable magazine only holds 10). Also...
  10. Groundhogs/Woodchucks

    Seeing a lot of groundhogs/woodchucks around... Time to get out the varmint rifles. Anyone in MA go after these?
  11. Bass Pro Conversation

    So, Today I went to Bass Pro with my new M1A Scout Squad Mossy Oak rifle to look for some accessories (sling) and to perhaps find a red-dot sight that would match the stock (my gf insisted). Anyway, I go in, they are very professional about putting on their own lock and all that, which was...
  12. Springfield Brothers

    The boys. One is a SA M1A Loaded and the other is a SA M1A Scout Squad in Mossy Oak Breakup. And of course the SA XD .45 Compact.
  13. Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad Camo

    This followed me home from Four Seasons today:
  14. Bear Season, Got One

    Buya, me and my two buddies got this 174 lb male in a cornfield we had surrounded for several hours. PS, the ice cream was for us, it was ridiculously hot that day. We figured he might wants some too, but he declined.
  15. M1A Goodness

    My new Springfield "Loaded" M1A all decked out for business.
  16. Great Video Explaining Media "Assualt Weapon" Misinformation
  17. Twin LTRs

    My new Remington 700p LTR with his bigger older twin brother. The older one is .308 with an IOR Valdada 4-14x50mm scope, while the newer one is .223 with a NightForce NXS 3.5-15x56mm scope. Other than that, they are pretty much the same, Badger accessories and Harris bipod. New one doesn't...
  18. SA 7.62 in a Remington 700 .308

    I have a couple of boxes of South African 7.62, and I am wondering if I can shoot that out of my Remington 700P LTR .308 without a problem. I understand the accuracy will suffer, but will it damage the rifle? I mean, they are probably hotter rounds, right? I'm basically wondering this...
  19. NRA Firearm Insurance

    Has anyone used the NRA firearms insurance? Like the "ArmsCare Plus" I believe it is called. Is this any good? Has anyone tried to make a claim? Thanks.
  20. Long-Range High-Speed Non-Precious Metal Delivery *Updated*

    Here is my completed project, a Remington 700 Police Light Tactical Rifle (LTR). It has Badger Ordnance tactical bolt knob (added by GA Precision), Badger Ordnance 0 Cant SA base, Badger Ordnance Maximized rings (medium height), Mounting Solutions anti-cant device, Harris S-BRM bipod, and...
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