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  1. Gunbroker transfers - are LGS ok with this?

    TPNES is happy to receive and transfer to you a gunbroker or other retailer purchase you make. The general etiquette is to send TPNES a message giving a heads up, and arranging that retailer to contact to receive a copy of the FFL they are sending it to (as they also must include a copy of their...
  2. I want a Nightforce Scope, but do I NEED a Nightforce Scope at that cost??????

    The ATACR is worth it and you do get what you pay for. The clarity for starters, you may or may not care about its bomb proof build whether or not you’ll ever need to take advantage of it, cannot discount the very comfortable eye relief ATACR provides even compared to other nightforce lines...
  3. BCM Complete Lowers: FDE or Black for 550$

    Title says it all, factory complete BCM lowers for 550$ out the door all fees included, black and FDE available. Happy Gender Neutral Easter Bunny Weekend
  4. To clean after every outing or not to clean after every outing? That is the question.

    LOL. Let this all be a cautionary tale for the next generation.
  5. IFAK at the range

    Range use aside (and yes you should have basic CLS type gear with you if shooting or around those who are shooting) I find it quite useful to keep medical kit in my car, work bag, range bag, etc. I’ve surprised myself how many roadside incidents have resulted in using the car kit but I’m also...
  6. To clean after every outing or not to clean after every outing? That is the question.

    Like a good Marine TPNES used to meticulously clean after each range trip or if it had gone long enough since a good coat of CLP. Then the collection got so large and residency happened. Now the method is liberally spray internals down with aerosolized gun oil or use grease on high friction...
  7. The Mill

    I heard the cannon theater is open for business and is flush with inventory
  8. The Mill

    Dean Safety should be open this weekend, MAGA is operating (new name KAG Arms - Keep America Great), and new tech is also open. TPNES remains TPNES, your go to source for prostate exams and all things firearm related. TPNES’ editorial subscribers however have been upset with me at my lack of...
  9. The Mill

    As a licensed physician by the board of medicine in MA, TPNES believes in actual science and as the Chief Medical Officer of the mill TPNES does not authorize loose fitting cloth masks as a form of infectious disease prevention on mill premises.
  10. The Mill

    Merely joking, I knew your meaning fully sir!
  11. Grab and go - 10 round pmag storage options

    Just buy 30 round prebans from TPNES ...
  12. The Mill

    Appreciate you coming by today sir! That was TPNES you were speaking to. Thanks for the business and support! @KAGArms I just want to become one of the big boys eventually :(
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