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  1. We might be moving back. Glocks still the thing to bring?

    Norwood is better than the towns to the south if you needed to go to Boston for a commute. Depends where you are in Walpole, that could be fine. The towns closer to Mansfield are messy on rt95. If you can take a commuter train, then they are a fine options.
  2. Cash only Rant *Updated*

    Guy behind you would have gotten a long dirty look from me. I dont mind cash or CC users, but I am bothered by opinionated DBags.
  3. Time management / task management question for you managers out there

    I agree, ask the admin. If you dont have the ability to write the report, he does. Salesforce should have all kinds of nuggets to use, whether its open date, last updated, etc. Filter by severity, put it all into a chart, and your VP will have a woody!
  4. New Study on Student Loan debt

    Just like buying a car - no need to overpay for the degree. Other than the elite schools, the rest of them (private or public) dont make a difference in what you get paid. Parents need to own a lot of that decision, not the schmuck coming out of high school - they are overwhelmed. Most...
  5. Replacement for Cable TV

    I got a TCL/Roku TV for my bedroom (no cable wire). Comes loaded with apps I access via WiFi. Best part of the TV is Roku. Using the antenna, get the local channels, but with Roku and a memory stick, I can actually pause and rewind the local broadcast, so I wont have trouble giving the...
  6. Incredibly frightening story of fraud and vengeance...

    Bizarre. Without a paternity test even - he is kind of a schmuck. The women are scum either way.
  7. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Mrs Warpig and I enjoyed Happy Valley - English police woman in the countryside. Enjoyed it. Same actress was in Last Tango in Halifax, so we watched that. Much lighter drama/comedy mix that was enjoyable, but was not as good as Happy Valley. Favorite English show is still Catastrophe on...
  8. NES Barbecue Thread. NES BBQ

    i need to post more pics - have been pumping out the St Louis ribs every cookout this year. mouth is watering looking at everyone's handiwork. anyone have a good sauce recipe? Family likes Sweet Baby Rays, but I am looking to improve on it. They like the sweet, but are fine with a little...
  9. Locking up ammo?

    I have a big 5 drawer file cabinet. I thought it was needed based of the statute above. Actually really like it even if its not, so I'm happy either way.
  10. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    I binged that series - liked it a lot. Was really interesting to see how many really old people are considered experts in their field. Some places looked more appealing than others - but it made me want to book some trips to SE Asia.
  11. Avengers Endgame

    Movie opens tomorrow. I have my tickets. Looking to be entertained with lots of action and comedy. Will be avoiding social media and most internet before I watch - dont want any spoilers
  12. Clint Eastwood Movie ‘Ballad Of Richard Jewell’ - accused of Atlanta Olympic bombing

    you have to see the movie to find out!
  13. What happened to ALT 92.9

    I liked it better a couple of years ago when it was more 90s alternative.
  14. The new Cumbies commercials made NO SENSE to me ...

    I miss him eating turnbuckles! View: Outrageous to hear George Steele speak intelligently!
  15. The new Cumbies commercials made NO SENSE to me ...

    There was a 30 for 30 on him. Was absolutely riveting. My wife, who cant stand wrestling, but knew who the Nature Boy was, found it to be fascinating. We felt pretty bad for the guy. View:
  16. Thoughts on moving to Virginia?

    Climate, employment, cost of living, 2A, etc. All factors you need to prioritize and analyze. Not many place can offer them all. Do you mind sharing some of the criteria you used when determining places to move? I would also leave MA if I could find the right place as well. Last kid...
  17. Disappointed in first time trying to Conceal Carry

    I disagree. Never had anyone bother me. I dont wear form fitting tshirts, but dont mind if a headwind is clearly printing in appendix carry. I went from an SR9C to a LC9S, and the size made a difference from a comfort perspective. You will get less self conscious of it over time. But...
  18. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Liked The Dirt a lot. No idea how they are still alive..... Umbrella Academy was good, but not great. Enjoyed Sex Education a ton - really well written humor and acting. Watching Catastrophe on Prime and tons of laugh out loud moments. My big complaint, especially with Netflix, is the...
  19. Parenting Tip: Don't Put Kids In The Back Seat With A Loaded Shotgun

    Parenting fail. Need to ingrain trigger control....
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