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  1. Any Bourbon Drinkers??

    Have any of you had Jefferson's Ocean? I tried it early this summer and have been going through a bottle a month ever since(intermixed with some others, Eagle Rare and Flag Hill are my #2 and #3). It is simply fantastic.
  2. Meghan McCain: There Will Be Violence if Government Tries to Take AR-15s

    Bruh....I hear crochet is nice this time of year. Seriously, if hiding guns behind walls is a consideration, then using them should be as well.
  3. What kind of fanboy are you?

    Holy Mother of god....I forgot how much of a fgt he was until I came back through this thread.
  4. What kind of fanboy are you?

    Great thing about NES....I keep shooting my pistol better, but all these mouth breathers keep sucking the same....
  5. What kind of fanboy are you?

    I don't know you, but I'd bet a week's pay that you're not as "deadly" at 25 yards as you think you are. To meet that standard, I would proffer that you need to CONSISTANTLY hit an A zone head shot at 25 yards. that's moderately difficult with a G17, tricky with a G19, and mighty hard with a...
  6. I’m curious...

    What you did there....I see it
  7. 1.03 seconds, react, ccw belt draw, 3 hits.

    :emoji_frowning2: I was hoping for an old fashioned dumpster fire where we ended up down the rabbit hole of the OP's chastity concerning goats and waiting for someone to say "let's see truexodus do that shit with the man's caliber"
  8. I’m curious...

    Isn't that pretty much the innerwebs in a nutshell?
  9. 1.03 seconds, react, ccw belt draw, 3 hits.

    Also, I am literally twice the size of Mr Deschain, and I wouldnt tangle with him on a bet. Remember, this is the internet, but some people actually do have skills, and you shouldn't be making assumptions about people you know nothing about. :)
  10. 1.03 seconds, react, ccw belt draw, 3 hits.

    I want to see this. Pay per view?
  11. Shots fired at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

    A shooting forum in which a lot of "shooters" expressed amazement that so many people were hit from so far away, so let's not pretend this is a group of exlert witnesses, mmmmkay? The retardation in this thread is astounding , as usual. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  12. Hammock Camping Thread

    I'm curious to see what the situation is for hanging near the shelter. We'll be bringing auxiliary accommodations enough to make it work either way, but if rather hang. Bonus points on this trip will be hopefully a very early start on day two to get above tree line before sunrise for some...
  13. Can someone school me on Solar?

    So, my folks are just moving into a house they had built(modular). The building site had now power, and Central Maine Power wanted $25k to get it there(it's slighty rural). Investing just about that amount into equipment, and using local help and expertise to install it, they're coming online...
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