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  1. Why the left wants immigration

    Nailed it! [laugh2]
  2. Prayer request: Medic down

    Hope for the best, sounds like a lot stuff going down
  3. RFK's 22-year-old granddaughter dies at Kennedy Compound of suspected drug overdose

    Long term abuser no doubt. She kept upping the ante and lost.
  4. Your guns won’t be seized by Robert F. O’Rourke....

    How many more? How many more? :D
  5. Heavy Parrot Content: So that the large checks thread doesn't get locked

    There certainly are plenty at animal shelters... We have a double yellow headed amazon going on 17. We got Romeo when he was around 1 year. Many parrots unfortunately are a handful for owners and are abandoned in some form, which is sad.
  6. Heavy Parrot Content: So that the large checks thread doesn't get locked

    Mashed potatoes, baked or scalloped. Bacon and eggs, steak, chicken wings... what a show.
  7. The Navy's F11F was so fast it could shoot itself down – and did

    Cannot agree with you more... Badass and fearless to the bone.
  8. Dillon 650 vs 750

    How to upgrade from 660 to 750?
  9. New Acquisitions October 2019

    Love it! Congrats!
  10. My Father of the Bride finale...

    Wonderful! Congratulations
  11. Left wing maniacs choosing not to have kids because of climate change

    Excellent.... We don't need any more of these virtual signaling morons...
  12. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    Clearly he is a moron that couldn't control himself and thanklfully the Pats, who have had enough controversy cut him! Now the question is.... what NFL team picks him up?
  13. Prostate help.

    Yes it can kill you just like any other cancer.... See a urologist and take care of it early. Especially if it is prevalent in your family tree i.e. Dad, Uncle, grandfather. That's me brothers...
  14. My First Born child has passed away.....

    Sky, Great story, you have lived an amazing and interesting life. Ever think of writing about your life? Seriously think about it. A lot of the old folks in my families are dying off and those stories are gone with them. Not that you’re checking out real soon.... Sorry about that
  15. Prostate help.

    See a urologist soon. Been there, done that. Had the surgery and no looking back. Your PSA Test could save your life.
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