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  1. New Car Feedback

    Was a huge VW fan from 70's until 3 years ago, always had their quirks but were mostly bullet proof for major items, last one was a total disaster and when you talk to others you hear the same story. I would never ever buy another VW. Have had volvo's, BMW's, Fords and GM's along with almost...

    I am moving money to firewater and guns just in case Pocahontas wins.
  3. I think I just heard it all...

    As I say everyday, we are doomed!
  4. Tiverton Rod & Gun Club

    Yep, along with a few other clubs
  5. 2019 / 2020 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    I skied the Soul's on my first Heli Trip, got a pair for glades a few years back, good in the soft stuff but I like some more metal under foot on NE hardpack. I'm 57 so you got plenty of Heli Trips to go!
  6. 2019 / 2020 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    Going Heli skiing in BC with a big group early, Mid Dec, I need to drop 20 before that!
  7. Any aircraft owners here?

    My college roommate has two small planes, early 70's, one 4 seater one a little largers, we both also do a lot of boating and the small one of his planes cost less per year on average than my 30 foot boat, including all his mandatory maintenance. He constantly tells me you can fly on the cheap...
  8. Hunt and hike in the Whites....what guns?

    You don’t need a permit to CC in NH. If I was going I would have my Glock 20. With some hard hitting Underwood ammo in it This is exactly what I Carry in a quick access pack.
  9. Truck Failed inspection..advice

    I had same issue 3 years in a row with replaced ball joint, 1st year it was definitely shot, replaced with my mechanic and passed, second year same thing and my mechanic who is a good friend was shocked but part was bad again, just out of warranty. 3 rd year same inspection station failed for...
  10. Connecticut Non Resident CCW process

    Just curious are you still waiting? Sent mine in today
  11. You might be from Fall River if.

    You might be from Fall River if you say "tree" instead of three.
  12. Poison ivy what’s your cure?

    We used to use a rag soaked with gas when I was a kid, my neighbor still swears by it but I haven't done it in years.
  13. Who's looking to buy the 365?

    My experience is I first carried the Shield, then Glock 26, then LC9s and now 365. It just seems to work for me for easy EDC and have not had one issue.
  14. ACL surgery for dog...costs?

    My advise is to look at alternatives, my buddy did his own pool therapy with 135 lb dog, you'd never know the dog had an ACL issue.
  15. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

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