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  1. pro 2A meme megathread

    It won't let me embed on my phone...
  2. Gunsmith on the North Shore

    I wonder how it feels like with the bigger store. I remember many a Saturday in that broom closet wall to wall with people throwing guns at Steve and George to work on.
  3. Active shooter reported at MolsonCoors campus, unknown injuries

    This doesn't seem to be front page. Which means it doesn't fit the narrative and we can avoid a huge media circus this time. Yay.
  4. New Mexico Gets The Next Red Flag Bill

    We had all 3 for 2 goddamn years and they didn't do shit. We gotta watch the red primaries so we don't get more Dan Chrenshaws.
  5. Best AR for Under $1,000

    Where are you finding complete LMT lower s for 350? However to add to this if your gonna stamp it, get a Gucci ambi lower.
  6. Amblin Entertainment presents Close Encounters of the Third Hole

    Clicked this thread thinking it was about MGs was disappointed
  7. ThiccBoogLine says FU attorney generals....

  8. ThiccBoogLine says FU attorney generals....

    Hmmm well we can get red flagged by crazies, ship a box of mags to thier house and rat them out as revenge!
  9. ThiccBoogLine says FU attorney generals....

    Thier big igglo patch sits on my chest rig. Thier based AF.
  10. Best AR for Under $1,000

    Oh ok, that makes sense. But if he's in GA he should be looking at the outdoor trader. There's plenty of gems to be found in FTF transactions, also tax relseason is about to hit so plenty of people who owe the govt will be selling fancy guns.
  11. Best AR for Under $1,000

    Well 1200 will buy you a lot of AR. There's plenty in the 900ish market that are not colt on mid tier. But I'd much rather save another 3-400 dollars and get a BCM, SOLGW, or other higher end rifle.
  12. Best AR for Under $1,000

    I might not have made my point clear. In a free state colts have jumped to like 1200 by fudd shops or boomers that bought them to resell. They WILL price gouge you because of the pony rollmark. I know it because ive seen it first hand.
  13. Best AR for Under $1,000

    Nope, no more civvie production from the pony show. You're gonna get gouged by boomers who think colt is still the best rifle maker ever.
  14. Best AR for Under $1,000

    Pre 08 Bushmasters are good. Post are hot garbage
  15. Best AR for Under $1,000

    I know a dealer selling an LMT defender for 1280 shipped. For the extra 280 it's worth it
  16. NH-HB1608 "Standard Capacity Magazine Ban of 2020"

    Any news on the votes?
  17. Notes from the Low Country

    If you ever end up near metro ATL gimmie a ring
  18. Shots fired at Brigham's Hospital

    Any official news on what really happened yet? I have a anti BWH employee to troll
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