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  1. Hope you don't need anything at Stop & Shop

    I wish I was able to get a photo of one of the "ladies" in the picket line at the one near the providence/pawtucket line. Cars had to drive slow due to the traffic patern and she was looking into everyone's cars and giving them the stink eye if they didnt cheer them on. Just thought it was...
  2. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Why would a dumb ass climb up over the platform. Clear to the other side of the tracks and watch the train go by, then climb up... but these fake vids never do it the smart way...
  3. Question for roofing contractors

    WE HAVE A WINNER... now just to figure out who I can get to take them...
  4. Question for roofing contractors

    I did see that, but there wasnt a lot of stuff on there besides " call us". Like I said, I'm less then 50% sure they are the original box and not just a convenient box
  5. Question for roofing contractors

    I am friendly with a scrapper who will take them off my hands. He will save then for when he was a truck full of stuff. Just feel like they SHOULD be with more then scrap to someone.
  6. Question for roofing contractors

    "ALLMETAL injection molding division" but that is on one of 3 cardboard boxs so I wouldnt swear that it was an original box.
  7. Question for roofing contractors

    That the leading answer so far, just cant figure out why a general contractor would buy a few thousand of them. There arnt that many green houses in all of south east Massachusetts. These all came out of the shed from a short sale house. Finally going through the "supplies" that where...
  8. Question for roofing contractors

    Lol, you sound like my wife.
  9. Question for roofing contractors

    Possible but its 4 boxs (at last count) and they are all flat instead of curved like the pic
  10. Question for roofing contractors

    Nope, plastic. And keeping it for now even though it leaks like a sieve
  11. Question for roofing contractors

    The only thing the box's say are "universal clips" but who knows if these are the original boxs? Also found a similar box that says "ALLMETAL injection molding division" Pretty generic information
  12. Question for roofing contractors

    Does anyone know what these are? My house came with 3+ milk containers of these. I'll scrap them if they are worthless but if a nes contractor wants them feel free...
  13. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    My wife does this almost every night. It drives me crazy because I stay awake and listen to them.
  14. Marriage Thread

    Biggest challenge? Besides the two toddlers and feeling 20 years older then I am.... She like crappy British tv... and not the fun "monty python" stuff but "up stairs, down stairs" stuff... :)
  15. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I loved the farscape scene were they all acted like they never heard of it...
  16. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I started with '38's' but then I found out about p-61's....
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