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  1. Can this tire be patched?

    If it was a customer's car, I'd say NO to a patch/plug combo. If it was my car, I'd do it.
  2. Brawl breaks out at Bernie Sanders rally over ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt

    Let me get you guys up to date on this as I’ve been following it on Maj Toure’s instagram. Maj did an Instagram Live featuring the Bernie Bro (BB) and then another Live featuring Black Guns Matter guy (BGMG). BB says BGMG got physical first by tapping his phone on BB’s forehead. BB was just...
  3. Brawl breaks out at Bernie Sanders rally over ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt

    But oldgunner is a racist we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for being ignorant.
  4. DANGER Harbor Freight is close!

    Christmas Tree Shops for men
  5. Boston Dynamics robot makes soldiers obsolete

    View: I mean Bosstown Dynamics ;)
  6. Driver in Chelsea who took off and hit man in Chelsea will not face charges

    The sun was directly in the driver's eyes too. Then the van crossed into the sun, now the truck driver is momentarily blind. Still should be charged.
  7. Airlines could refuse emotional support animals under proposed rule

    For real. I dont even know there are dogs or cats on the plane until i go to use the bathroom and I see them on somebody's lap. Not a peep from these animals. The screaming and kicking kids though, ban them.
  8. Gun permit applications surged nearly 1,000 percent in New York’s Jewish community

    Newton PD has no problems with removing restrictions after 1 year of Restricted.
  9. Need a source for old maps

    I dont have what you're looking for but this website is amazing and might interest you. It overlays old maps onto current maps and you can use a slider to switch back and forth. It's awesome.
  10. Taking a Liberal to the Range

    You guys are being fooled by the media. By the media, I mean your social medias, whichever you choose to view your memes and pictures like that. The majority of the democrat voter are not extremists. The same goes for the other side too.
  11. Asshats making LTC Quincy Ma difficult

    This must be new for quincy? I think they only used to require the NRA class and also 3 letters of recommendation.
  12. Fl couple buys baby bouncer at Goodwill, finds semi-automatic rifle inside

    That’s all we need to know about what kind of person you are
  13. Fl couple buys baby bouncer at Goodwill, finds semi-automatic rifle inside

    Nothing strange. The picture shows the rifle on a sofa/foot rest which is at least a foot higher than the box which is on the ground. Perspective makes it appear that the rifle is bigger than the box because it is close to the camera. Things closer appear bigger. Things further away appear...
  14. Hong Kong protesters at universities with bows and arrows, allegedly

    I'm suprised that a group of people who are supposed to be all freedom and civil rights loving aren't more interested in what is going on in Hong Kong.

    How does the cucumber remedy work? Are you supposed to shove the whole thing in at once or just a small portion?
  16. Cashing a large check

    Is it a gift from a parent?
  17. Free Iranian Angelina Jolie!

    Holy shit. Old people don't know what an edited photo looks like?
  18. Colion Noir

    Colion Noir is doing a meet and greet at Sig Sauer in Epping on Oct 9th View:
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