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  1. WTS M1 Garand SA 9-43 WW2 Barrel

    For sale is a M1 Garand SA 9-43 WW2 barrel in very good condition with a TE of 3.5 and ME of 2. The bore is still bright with strong rifling.The breech is in the white,the gas port is not chromed,and the crown looks good.This barrel is not import stamped and would be great for a nice shooter or...
  2. WTS Reloading Equipment,Molds,Dies,Powder,Bullets,Buckets of Brass

    All of the brass,powder,and primers are available at this time 11-21-19. I have two 1lb containers of Bullseye pistol powder that reads great for .38 special and .45 auto target loads.I also have 425 CCI No.300 large pistol primers and 492 Winchester No.WSP small pistol primers.Make an offer on...
  3. WTS M1 Garand USGI Slings

    Still available.
  4. WTS M1 Carbine WWII USGI Winchester Magazines

    Price drop $115.00 shipped.
  5. WTS RCBS .380 Auto Carbide Reloading Die Set

    For sale is a very nice 3 piece set of RCBS .380 auto carbide reloading dies with case.These dies look like new and the part number is 20415. Price drop on 2-22-20 $55.00 shipped in the lower 48 and I will accept PayPal friends and family or u.s.postal money order. I am located in Western,MA.
  6. WTS CMP 1911 USGI NOS Magazine

    For sale is a original USGI NOS CMP 1911 .45 magazine still sealed since being repacked in 1992. One time price drop on 2-28-20 $57.00 shipped and I am located in Western,MA. and will accept PayPal friends and family or a u.s.postal money order.I will only ship where legal,please know your laws.
  7. WTS M1D USGI Cheek Pad MRT 11-58

    For sale is a original USGI MRT 11-58 M1C,M1D,cheek pad with lace in good usable condition.I do not see any cracks in the leather and all three dark gray tapered felt inserts are there.Price is $415.00 including shipping and insurance in the lower 48. I am located in Western,MA. and will accept...
  8. WTS M60 Machine Gun Sling USGI

    For sale is a original USGI M60 padded machine gun sling in very good condition.This sling is 72 inches in length and the strap is 1 1/4 inches wide.These slings are great for using on any rifle or shotgun or just as a carry strap because they are totally adjustable with slides on each...
  9. WTB Colt or Ithaca Model 1911,1911A1

    I am looking to buy a WW1,WW2,Colt or Ithaca Model 1911 or 1911A1. I am located in Western,MA.
  10. WTB Smith Corona 1903A3

  11. SOLD M1 Carbine D-Tip Sling & Oiler

    For sale is a NOS M1 Carbine D-tip sling in excellent unissued condition.Price drop on 2-24-20 $55.00 including shipping.I will accept PayPal friends and family or a u.s.postal money order for payment.
  12. WTB .303 HXP Ammo

    I am looking to buy .303 Greek HXP ammo.
  13. WTS Bauer .25 Automatic

    For sale is a Bauer .25 caliber 6 shot semi automatic in stainless steel that is in excellent like new condition.I fired 2 clips through it with no issues.These were made in Fraser,Michigan from 1972-1984.It is a very small firearm that measures 4 inches in length that will easily fit in your...
  14. WTS Arisaka Type 38 & Type 99 Original WW2 Muzzle Cover

    For sale is a guaranteed original WW2 Arisaka Type 38 long rifle muzzle cover. I believe it is also correct for the Type 99 as well. The end of the locking tab is intact and not broken off like most are. There is a melted area at the very front and also a crack in the usual place that was...
  15. WTB WTB M1 Carbine

    One more time.
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