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  1. Guns Account for 1/3 of Increase in Suicide

    South Korea and Japan have some of the highest suicide rates in the world. Civilian ownership of firearms is almost unknown. Life causes death. If we just aborted everyone there would be no suicides. Makes as much sense as these statistics.
  2. WTS JC Arms Fixed mag rifle $700 FID OKAY

    This is on consignment at Troy City Tactical $700. Never fired. FID okay. ALL LAWS FOLLOWED Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a...
  3. Breaking: FLIR Discontinues All Civilian Sales

    what is reciprocal of snow flake?
  4. Still waiting for my LTC

    There is the mailing time plus the receiving by the PD time plus the PD has to "activate" it time and finally they need to inform you it is ready for pickup or in some cases there is the getting into the mail time and then the USPS mailing time. Figure two weeks and half the time you won't be...
  5. WTS no longer offered

    no longer offered
  6. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    Woolworth's in Warwick bought my first PPK/s in about 1973
  7. Who's looking to buy the 365?

    Well I have two striker fired 9mm pistols with safeties. I carry them with the safety off. I specifically bought them with safeties because for me the most likely time for a ND is reholstering. I apply the safety when reholstering and flip it off just before the pistol is fully seated in the...
  8. Garand or SKS?

    You are just trolling here right? Even the Soviets would take umbrage. SKS might be somewhat handier but oh nevermind I am a boomer and not ashamed.
  9. Garand or SKS?

    I have lived too long. How else can this ever be a question?
  10. Looking For A Range To Call Home

    Yep holster work and rapid fire Okay. Class III when you clear the BOD. Should have an indoor range open in 2020. Adjacent the Public Works/PD and across the street is the PD tactical range so neighbors don't seem to be a problem.
  11. Is there federal law that requires to ship handgun overnight?

    LenS addresses this and offers a rather unique and quite doable alternative which really saves money when you attend his Law for and by nonlawyers.
  12. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Jack I always like the way you sugar coat your opinions with diplomacy. ;)
  13. Maine Steamer Clams.....From the shore to the table !

    I was on that beach watching the removal. There is nothing I would rather consume than freshly dug(from Narragansett Bay) steamers dumped in pot with a can of beer poured in to create the steam. The pot liquor is ambrosia.
  14. Fortyfive years ago, I tasted my first bite.

    I was once fortunate enough to have developed a friendship with a Korean Vet who had brought back a Korean wife. She in turn had brought her Korean mother. The family has legit roots in the Korean Royal family line and were very culturally active preserving Korean Traditions. This meant when...
  15. EFF on Shot Spotter

    Cops and their enforcement toys. I remember when the new thing was driving gloves, mustaches, and vests.
  16. EFF on Shot Spotter

    Just a side note Fall River returned the system they were given as ineffectual as it missed several times even hearing shots and frequently sent LEO in the wrong direction. It simply didn't work and this from a department whose motto is "We'll Try".
  17. Looking for opinion on new carry gun

    Sig P365 I also carry a J frame when I want to go light or pocket carry. There was a time when a Walther PPK/s or PP worked for me but I have surrendered to the reality they are obsolete. The SIG has 11 rounds of 9mm, weight is on par or lighter, and it works in either hand and offers my small...
  18. Felon screams "owie" when police dog turns him into a chew toy

    The mayor needs to stand toe to toe with someone able and willing to do him lethal harm and ignoring commands to comply. I believe the officer should have shot him the first time his hand disappeared. I also think they took him out of the vehicle and away from the dog too soon.
  19. The Unofficial Discussion Thread about the Pre-Ban Glock Giveaway!!!

    Is this one of those guns the police have had trouble with going off by themselves?
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