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  1. Who's the Best chevy truck dealership? Negotiations/service. Near central MA

    Well, finding what I want seems to be the bigger issue. I found one at McLaughin, In Witman, went back and forth with the internet sales manager, they even set up a formal appt for me to come in and pick it up today. (obvious BS) They call me an hour before, just as I'm about to head down, and...
  2. Deval Patrick comes up short, calls it quits!

    Apparently, just being Obama's butt-buddy wasn't enough to get the masses fawning over him. I haven't been more relieved since Dukakis lost.
  3. Elizabeth Warren Drops Out of 2020 race

    I cannot bear to hear that woman's voice. I'd rather have sex with my ex than have to listen to this screechy lying bitch.
  4. New Haven police to distribute ‘crack’ pipes, syringes, in hope of keeping addicts alive

    Hey, the longer ya keep em alive the better the odds you can collect taxes from them, eventually...
  5. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    Wow, the fake news network actually gave it a mention. They sound almost disappointed there was nothing going on. CNN claims only 22,000 in attendance And the next time this happens, Gov blackface will likely...
  6. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    yeah, do you think this is going to kill all the bills they've put up already?
  7. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    OK, no mainstream media attention, the rally comes and goes, and the moonbats go right back to work at the VA statehouse tomorrow like nothing happened...what's next?
  8. American Airlines Mechanic Sabotage Aircraft with 150 onboard over Union Contract Dispute

    American's mechanic's union has been doing this for some time as a part of their dispute with the carrier. Never anything too serious or undetectable, just enough to ground the pane and cause delays. This was a shot across the bow to the union.
  9. Virginia gun control

    Yes, but the damage will have already been done. How many times do you see anti rbka laws repealed?
  10. Black Friday smart TV buyers should take this FBI cybersecurity advice

    All this high tech, and still the best solution is a piece of tape......
  11. Boeing 777X’s fuselage split behind the wing during stress test

    He was- As CEO. Unfortunately, he still sits on the board. The oversight model also has to revert to better times. The checks and balances have been stripped out.
  12. Boeing 777X’s fuselage split behind the wing during stress test

    If a stress test was conducted to failure of the airframe, and the failure came within 1% of the calculated design limits, I'd say it was a good confirmation of the design. 1% is in the noise of the overall test setup. Granted, it would be better if it exceeded the design, but I have no idea...
  13. Who's the Best chevy truck dealership? Negotiations/service. Near central MA

    Yeah, I get that. the last 4 cars I've bought were at auction. Unless you're a big $$ collector, cars are a total loss investment as far as I'm concerned. I buy one, drive it into the ground, toss it and buy another. Since I plan on keeping this one for 15+ years, I'd prefer new. Plus, I do get...
  14. Who's the Best chevy truck dealership? Negotiations/service. Near central MA

    Without going into the great debate of which marque is better, I've decided to buy another Silverado. Or GMC, they're pretty much the same truck. I have a vendor discount through my place of employment, so that comes off the top of other incentives. As I've only purchased 2 new vehicles in my...
  15. Anyone use BJ's or Costco Tire Center?

    I've used BJs in Northboro for over 20 years on multiple vehicles. no issues. The one in Hudson is a different story... The tire shops are actually owned and operated by Michelin. Read the fine print. YMMV...
  16. NYC threatens up to $250G in fines for using terms like 'illegal alien,' threatening to call ICE

    We should call up every NY radio station and just start repeating it over and over on the air. Can they fine out of state callers?
  17. Worman v. Baker (MA AWB) Oral Arguments 1-9-2019

    Ah, no cert, no guarantee they will take it up. Then again, they may still have a boner against MA for Kataeno, so who knows?
  18. Worman v. Baker (MA AWB) Oral Arguments 1-9-2019

    Wha, wait? Granted Cert?
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