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  1. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    Bi Bingo Rob
  2. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    Im just curious, how many times a year (on average obviously) do you interact with a cop? Im not talking about being married to one or working with one or working with a guy that knows a guy that got pulled over and the cop was a douche or knowing of a guy on MyFace that got slammed onto the...
  3. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    Ya, no. Youre silly.
  4. I'm not a cop hater, but...

    Ok, I finally got a minute to watch that and good freakin god.
  5. Motorcycle riders

    It happens to me only when I reverse counter steer and drag my opposite knee. The lack of torque mediation dispels my arthritic condition in my clutch hand, but only when riding my foot clutch, hand shifted pan head. Of course, when riding my opposite shift, wheelie prone Ariel 4 (square, of...
  6. Non-Cruiser motorcycle riders?

    Petes a good man, definitely knows his shit too. He did some work for me on a motocrosser back in “the day”that absolutely saved my ass multiple times!
  7. Non-Cruiser motorcycle riders?

    Dude, the 750 Suzuki is about as under rated as they come, nice grab! Hopefully you dont fire it into the T6 rocks and such lol. Kidding man, great bike, Ive got some envy
  8. 1.03 seconds, react, ccw belt draw, 3 hits.

    I dont know, Ive been told this guy can juggle 4 WFO chainsaws and rub one out simutaneously. I think theres a vid somewhere on the interwebs. Tinkertoys may be right, just sayin
  9. Non-Cruiser motorcycle riders?

    Dude, its a Honda lol. Of course it looks good on paper, and will probably eclipse the Katoom. Either way, if youve got the dough, and the inseam, the Dual Sport world has become even more awesome
  10. Non-Cruiser motorcycle riders?

    That price is definitely vomit inducing, thank god I only ride vintage stuff lol. Speaking of which, anyone going to Unadilla this weekend or the NETRA Vintage Hare Scrambles in Wrentham Saturday?
  11. Well this isn't good. Malaysian Plane "missing"

    Thanks man, Im beyond completely out of the loop, Ill get my Google on
  12. Well this isn't good. Malaysian Plane "missing"

    Not even a friggin Coca Cola can floated to some remote beach from that plane? I still think its in Pakistan lol
  13. The President Trump Megathread

    Not the only ones, I know YHMs business has gone way down as well
  14. Who else can't wait to get the bike out?

    Beautiful Yammie. Makes me instantly think of that picture of Bob Hannah at Unadilla from behind, when hes not actually on the bike lol.
  15. Who else can't wait to get the bike out?

    She is an absolute beauty!
  16. Who else can't wait to get the bike out?

    I fully intend on leaving the tank half full (my premix is Bel-Ray synthetic and av gas, it will outlast all of us) and the tranny filled. I want to be able to roll her out on the deck and one kick her to life, just to hear it, or win the occasional bet here and there
  17. Who else can't wait to get the bike out?

    Oddly enough, I am also currently mid restore on a 1979 RM125, goofy fenders and all! The frame is out at powdercoat, the swinger had to be rewelded at the pivots, and is currently being re anodized. I just picked up some Progressive shocks for it, as the stock KYBs (even with the remote...
  18. Who else can't wait to get the bike out?

    1974 Honda XL125, not doing a full on resto (yet lol) because I want to ride it a bit. Rebuilding the top end, waiting on spokes from Buchanans to relace the front hoop, and in the market for some shocks that actually have some dampening, hopefully save my spine at least a little.
  19. Who else can't wait to get the bike out?

    Thought some of you may get a kick out of some of the goings on in my shop. 1980 Honda CR80R, first 2 stroke, 80cc MX bike from Honda. thing is an absolute rocket ship, and scares me now as much as it did when I was 12. Starts first kick, the wife doesnt know it yet, but its going in the living...
  20. Who else can't wait to get the bike out?

    Busts out Doug Domokos!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the guy, saw him a few times. He had a small electric motor rigged to keep his front wheel spinning while upright. Its pretty funny, the stuff he did back then doesnt even register on the scale now, but he was awesome. Im mid build on my original 1977...
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