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  1. Hot Pepper Lovers

    To successfully start peppers use a soil heater. I got mine at Ocean State Job Lot, but available everywhere. Look up soil heating mat on Amazon. I grow jalapeños and sweet greens.
  2. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    Yes, RED: Retired Extremely Dangerous
  3. again no love...orson bean hit by a car

    He was a funny guy. He used to be on Mike Douglas’ show when I was a teen. Also, he was on “To Tell The Truth “, which my aunts watched on Sunday night. Interesting Wikipedia biography. He did lots of stuff. Apparently he use to perform in Boston comedy clubs. Born in Burlington VT. RIP
  4. Sad turn to a happy Christmas

    It sounds like you were at peace with him after a rocky start in your relationship. It sounds like you were able to change your relationship with him based on your relationship with your wife! Condolences for you and your family, but please also think about your good work with your family and...
  5. Wal-mart ammo nearly 50% off.

    Just got back from the Plymouth Wallys. They had Remington 223 for $15 for a box of 100. I got 4 boxes. No 9mm on the shelves. I also bought a 100 round box of 38 spl, but at the regular price. The Henry 357/38 spl sure is a hungry fellow, second only to the 223 semiautos. I wish I had more...
  6. Amazon won't sell me a BB Gun?

    Thank you all for the info on this thread. After I read it, I went to the Pyramid Air site and ordered a Model 25. This Christmas it will be the 59th anniversary of me finding a Daisy Model 25 under the Christmas tree. I’m going to tag it: “To all the boys from Santa” The boys are me, 69, the...
  7. Massachusetts Democrat introduces bill to "screen all patients for the presence of firearms in the home"

    I have neither, just lots of dependable friends who are available when I need them. Records: HIPPA is complete BS. All written and digital records are available to the .gov if they want them. Anyone who thinks records are confidential is either misinformed or delusional. Act accordingly...
  8. Snowed in Gardner/Ashburnham

    Cub Cadet has a triple feed model. The front of the auger has an impeller like device in front of the standard auger to help feed snow to the impeller. They look cool. They’re now made by MTD though, so I wonder about the quality. Does anyone else have one of these machines? i will say that my...
  9. Snowed in Gardner/Ashburnham

    Sorry for your snow dilemma! Can you tell us why you don’t like Airens? The reason I ask is I’m on my second one since 1969. No problemo 👍
  10. Join the Harvard Survey on "Gun Control"

    Curious question: if you’re running a VPN is the link traced back to you?
  11. These Monday Changes S*ck. Bring Back the Old NES

    Looks good, but......... The stickys have a label “Sticky Threads “. The regular threads are labeled “Normal Threads”. Is anything / anyone around here normal? Where are the abnormal threads? Just saying.
  12. Florida Senate permanently removes Scott Israel as Broward sheriff

    Hopefully, but unlikely. He’ll probably run again In Broward Country and the moronic electorate will vote him back into office.
  13. Candy Samples Will Not Be Down For Breakfast

    She died In September 2019 at age 91. No cause of death given. What a rack for a teen in the 1960’s!
  14. One pistol do all mindset

    A year and a half ago a friend called me and wanted to get into shooting. Over about 4 range trips I had him shoot everything I own from mouse guns, 22 target pistols, 380’s, 38/357, 9, 45 pistols / revolvers, and bolt, levers, and semi auto rifles and pcc’s, from 22 to 223. One mag was enough...
  15. Media Comments on Civil War

    Is it my erroneous perception or have comments about an upcoming civil war been increasing over the last few weeks? Your comments please.
  16. We Aren't Doing Ourselves Any Favors

    My guns all prefer to be called by their factory assigned model names. I know this because they tell me when I go down to talk to them. Their ongoing major complaint is over crowding in the safes. The Charles Daly o/u trap gun does prefer to be called Charley though.
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