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  1. How to best dispose of an old lawn mower

    Are you up for a trip to Cabelas? The Berlin Lions Club is doing a scrap metal drive this Saturday. Dead mowers are at the top of their list.
  2. Friends of Revolvers - Level I IDPA Match - Metro West Tactical - 9/24/2016

    Friends of Revolvers - Level I IDPA Match - Metro West Tactical Saturday, September 24, 2016, Indoor/Action Pits at Harvard Sportsman's Club - 250 Littleton County Rd. Harvard, MA The annual Friends-of-Revolvers IDPA match is open to all Divisions. However, shooters of all levels are...
  3. 2015 IDPA New England Regional IDPA Championship - Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    This match filled up in a couple of days. Since then there have been a few folks who have cancelled. There is currently one Saturday slot and a few Sunday slots available. If you missed your chance back in May head over to and register.
  4. 2015 IDPA New England Regional IDPA Championship - Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    The Metro West Tactical IDPA Group is pleased to announce that we will host the 2015 New England Regional IDPA Championship at the Harvard Sportsmen's Club on August 15th & 16th, 2015. This match is a one-day format where competitors will shoot either on Saturday 8/15 or Sunday 8/16. There are...
  5. Wanna help move a lathe

    O'Connor's in Billerica has a kneeling trailer that they'll rent out when they're not using it to deliver equipment. You can drive a pallet jack right onto it in its lowered position. That's what I used last time I moved a lathe (SB 13"). I bolted the headstock end to a pallet and put a...
  6. Dillon XL 650 versus Hornady Lock N Load Auto Progressive comparison

    I've got one. I double-check when changing loads but so far it's always been spot-on. I always adjust the same way to keep any backlash out of the equation. Where I've found it most valuable is working up a load. I measure a couple of points and print out a cheat sheet from Excel. That...
  7. New IDPA Rulebook - Draft

    They're talking about targets where hitting the steel makes the paper target in front fall down.
  8. Naturalized Citizen/LTC

    It took me 45 minutes: traffic was rough that day. [grin]
  9. **** NES Labor Day Giveaway ****

  10. Idea: Autoreloader

    Look at what your competition would be: Dillon 1050: $1700 Bulletfeeder: $550 P/W autodrive: $800 Just over $3k for a setup with a decent history. If you're starting at $5k you need some advantage over motorizing a Dillon. Is it faster or more reliable or easier to set up and use?
  11. Airline will cancel all my tickets if I skip one leg of a flight

    I use them when I go to CPH. The stopover is a nice break in the flight even if you don't stay overnight. The exchange rate is still good: about 3 months ago renting a studio apartment in Reykjavik cost me about half as much per night as a hotel room in Copenhagen.
  12. For those who gave to the 'Bike Fund'

    Sounds good to me. I'm glad he got his bike back.
  13. Thank you NES, From Atholl

    You're the one who did all the work. I was happy to help.
  14. Mount Washington Observatory

    That's her up to $500 but don't let that stop you from adding more.
  15. Atholl Highlanders Visit

    Scottish knife laws are not quite that bad: there's a specific exemption for carrying a knife "as part of any national costume." Sounds like a good excuse to wear a kilt!
  16. Se mass 3 low flying planes???

    Three of them heading south over Berlin 20 minutes ago.
  17. 2011 Walls of Steel Match

    You've only shot it twice? Here's when the two matches have been: NER WoS 2007 3rd weekend 3rd weekend 2008 3rd weekend 4th weekend 2009 3rd weekend 4th weekend 2010* 3rd weekend 4th weekend 2011 3rd weekend 3rd weekend I'll...
  18. Comm2A to Support Lowell Gun Collector

    Donation on the way. Good luck Stan.
  19. 20 gauge slug gun recommendations

    Here's another recommendation for the Ultra-slug hunter. Mine cost me about as much as a slug barrel for my Mossberg and it's more accurate to boot.
  20. Win Large Pistol Primers - in stock where?

    Collector's in Stoneham had a bunch as of last week.
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