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  1. Your favorite Caribbean "All Inclusive" Resort

    Went to Punt Cana in the DR for a friend's destination wedding. The resort was fine, but whatever you do DO NOT LEAVE THE RESORT PROPERTY.
  2. Owensboro Man, 30, Charged with Shooting Gun at 4 Locations

    Remember: it's not the years, it's the mileage.
  3. A chicken sandwich worth fighting for

    Every time I go back to NC, my first stop is Bojangles. Cajun fillet biscuit combo with seasoned fries and sweet tea. Tastes like heaven.
  4. San Francisco - Smelly Sanctuary City

    My wife and I were there for a night a couple of weeks ago - we drove in to the city to fly out the next morning. We decided to walk from our hotel to the restaurant, which took us through what I later learned is the "tenderloin" district - an area with a high concentration of homeless. For a...
  5. who has an fal; rare in ma

    That makes the both of us.
  6. Baltimore Deputy Police Commissioner Robbed At Gun Point

    Or an atomic wedgie.
  7. What is the ultimate summer adult beverage?

    I actually prefer gin mules. I usually use less simple syrup than most recipes call for.
  8. West Coast Trail - post hike gear review

    No, but we saw a fair amount of tracks. Wolf tracks, too.
  9. West Coast Trail - post hike gear review

    For my West Coast Trail trip, I decided to use a stove that works with compressed isobutene/propane canisters instead of my usual MSR whisperlite stove that uses a white gas fuel bottle. The burner plus gas canister represents a significant size and weight savings over my MSR setup. Prior to...
  10. West Coast Trail - post hike gear review

    I recently returned from hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, BC. The trail is 75km and follows the coast, sometimes requiring hiking on the beach. It was a tough trip, but pretty amazing. We were scheduled to do the hike in 6 days, but day 5 was very rainy, so we decided to push...
  11. Happy birthday to me

    Happy belated birthday, sir!
  12. ...

    Nice. I want to pick one up when I can find it at non-MA pricing.
  13. Man drops gun, shoots himself in genitals

    That's nuts.
  14. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  15. Savannah GA in March

    I like Savannah, though have only been there once. We went to Paula Dean's restaurant, Lady and Sons. I thought I might burst after all the food I ate. So good...
  16. Who the maker of this 30rd mag

    Color me jealous.
  17. Cz bren 805

    To "Massify" my rifle, I got the M4 stock adapter from KNS precision. I also got their bent charging handle. I like it a lot better than the stock handle. I have a Magpul AFG on mine.
  18. Email Ransomware threats

    So they know that I'm married, so what?
  19. Drunken Ramblings about searching the Internet.

    Sounds like the time I was looking for a "thermal wire stripper" but stupidly (?) searched for "hot strippers" while at work.
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