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  1. Women only basic gun courses ?

    So my wife and a couple of her friends are looking to complete the first steps in getting there ltc. Looking around the Mansfield area for some Sunday classes. Doesn’t have to be women only but would help. Definitely has to be live fire. Thx in advance.
  2. South shore transfer from recommendations

    Looking to do a transfer tomorrow close to Plainville Ma. Leaning towards maybe Gartman Arms but not sure how busy they will be in there and the cost. Tried calling but straight to voicemail.
  3. WTS WTS RUGER 10/22*****SOLD******

    Harley needs new brakes so this has to go.Model 01159 . Bushnell scope 3x9.Located in Mansfield. asking $350
  4. WTS New Makita circular saw

    Never used. NIB Makita saw. $75

    Selling my Springfield Armory Loaded 1911A1. Comes with blue SA box, manuel and 2 mags.Located in Mansfield. FTF or dealer transfer. Asking $900
  6. Thinking about RMR cut for G-17

    I’ve never shot with a RMR but I am very interested in them. Thinking about sending my slide in to get it cut. What’s everyone’s thoughts on these. I’m 54 so the eyes aren’t what they used to be.
  7. WTF

  8. Sig 229-40 Preban mag.

    $50. Located in Mansfield Ma.
  9. SIG 229 holsters

    I have 2 holsters for a non railed sig 229. Black one is OWB from High Noon Holsters. Tan is a Galco. I believe the tan one was called Summer Comfort. $20 each.
  10. Preban mag inspection?

    So I know a lot of us M*******s have some preban mags for our Sigs, Glocks, AR's etc. Has anyone ever heard if someone being charged for having a post ban full cap mag. Just curious because I never have. How is it handled?
  11. Bass Pro service

    So heres my Bass Pro rant.I wanted to purchase an Aimpoint Pro for my AR.I know I can get one online for a bit cheaper but I called BP 2 weeks ago on 10/23 and they said they had 2 in stock.I took a ride down there and it was packed with people purchasing firearms.You have to take a # at the...
  12. BPD Commisioner "thank God the suspect wasn't shot"

    Quote of the night on the news. Yeah, thank god the suspect wasn't harmed or god forbid killed. Let's hope he lives long enough to get out and do it again. WTF
  13. Looking for Luminox watch

    I'm looking to buy a Luminox Navy Seal dive watch in Ma.Anyone know any stores that stock them?I know I could order one online but I want to have it this weekend.I'm located in Mansfield. Thanks,John.
  14. Newbie saying hello

    Hey All,just joined the forum.I've been over at Sig for around 5 yr.s and Glock talk for a while.Looks like a good forum so I joined up. :)
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