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  1. lee loadmaster

    I have had nothing but trouble with my loadmaster. Constant re-adjustment (30-40 rounds at max before something needs a tweak, or a major re-adjustment). Occasional failures to index (every 50 + rounds... even after following the re-adjustment process) which can cause a double charge if you are...
  2. The hypocrisy of anti's

    "A liberal is a person that leans 10 degrees to left of center during good times and 20 degrees to the right of center when it affects himself personally" Phil Ochs 1966 Listen to his "love me I am a liberal"!!!! Ignore his voice... :) I believe Phil would be considered a right wing terrorist...
  3. Finally went BLUE

    I have a load master as well and am just about to change... it is a good enough press if you like to tinker all the time... make 50-75 rounds... re-adjust everything... I also hate the indexing... it sometimes just does not work and you have to recycle the handle with your finger on the plate...
  4. The Big List Of Who Hates Guns

    Forgot to quote ... American Firearms association... They are an anti gun group trying to come off as a "common sense" gun control group We are a grass roots organization that began 3 years ago. From there Google group thread "Our Objective? To reconcile the 2nd amendment with common...
  5. LTC renewal notification

    It was a post card I got as well
  6. LTC renewal notification

    I just checked the mail and I found a notice from the dept of CJ that my LTC will expire soon and I need to renew it. I am ahead of the curve there, but I am flabbergasted... I had heard that Ma does not send these out. Is this new? or have I just been listening to the wrong people???
  7. M1A - 762x51 or .308... for the 18,451st time

    Tnx for the intor to an expert. I understand the diff in preasure between the 2 rounds, but if Springrield says their M1As are built for .308, then I should be safe to shoot anything.. 180s et al... I guess that was the crux of my question. I'll ask the expert!!! I'll post any cool info I get...
  8. M1A - 762x51 or .308... for the 18,451st time

    I have heard several well informed and apperantly reliable sources on this forum and others that say do NOT use .308 in and M1A as they are spec'd for 7.62x51 and there is a 2K+ Max PSI diff between the 2. I have called Springfield armory on 2 different ocasions and asked them what...
  9. Gun Stats - This Weeks Worcester Magazine

    Is this like Mexico stats??? How many total guns were used in crime??? Then How many were traced by ATF?
  10. Ann Coulter on Guns & Race

    ShadeWPI: Gotcha.... The fact that the liberal agenda actually works to the disadvantage of people that it is supposed to help is food for another thread. Ted Kennedy was reality challenged most of the time, but trying to put his name and the KKK in the same sentence is a little difficult.
  11. Ann Coulter on Guns & Race

    ShadeWPI... Are you saying that the democratic party of the 1920-1940s in the south had nothing to do with the systematic abuse of the Black population? or that they were champions civil rights? Sorry if I read your response wrong but thats what it sounds like your saying.
  12. Bullet Spinning in Ice.. Real or Fake?

    Assume a 1/10 twist, Speer says muzzle velocity on one of there rounds is 1,210 FPS, = 14,520 Inch/sec... 1revolution ever 10 inch = 1,452 revolutions per second or 87,120 RPM... Change the twist rate a little or muzzle velocity a little to fit your round and barrel... but bottom line ... they...
  13. What to carry in .380? FMJ or JHP?

    Gun tests magazine had a test of .380 ammo last month. The preferred FMJ as the JHPs didnt penetrate that well. Couple other factors as well... It is worth a read.
  14. CCI #400 SR Question

    Thats what the hornady OAL guage does. I cant get to reloading any today (honey do list).. but tonight I'll measure again and again and again.. I just got the gauge and although it does not look complicated, I could be misreading it
  15. CCI #400 SR Question

    What I see happening at COL of 2.24 is that the bullet gets pushed into the cartridge and rests on the lands. WHen I close the bolt my COL should go down to about 2.185 with the bullet soldly seated in the lands and grooves.. this is not healthy.
  16. CCI #400 SR Question

    Hmmmm Maybe I have an answer.... I bought an Hornady Overall length gauge. Seems COL should be 2.185 (hornady 2267B bullets and Savage 112) at max... My seating depth on these has been 2.240 (Hornady manual suggests 2.20) . That may explain some high pressure issues.. I have today off.. I am...
  17. CCI #400 SR Question

    this kinda strenghtens my feeling of the CCI primer.. I only used 23.0 grains of Varget and I got flattening.. I am going to try TAC next and see if that makes a diff.. A min load to start with. The only load for a 55Gr they have out there is for a sierra.. I think I should be safe at min...
  18. CCI #400 SR Question

    Thanks all of you for responding... The 2600 FPS was very slow and suprised me. And getting a flat primer on top of that was flabergasting... EC... not FLAT just flat :) I have some TAC and will try that. I also have some Winchester primers I might try.
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