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  1. Gun case for AR15?

    I'm looking to pick up a gun case for my AR15 with a carry handle and scope. Any suggestions for a good case? i'm not looking to spend a couple hundred. just a simple hard case so carrying my rifle form the range to home doesn't cause people to freak out. Thanks
  2. A good IWB holster for Ruger lc9?

    does anyone have a good IWB holster for a Ruger LC9. i can't find one that's comfortable and won't destroy my skin. i'm looking for something similar to a full leather holster, similar to crossbreed. but i'm unsure whether my Ruger will be secure. (NO LASER) Any suggestions?
  3. buffer and spring questions for a carbine AR

    i have a carbine length AR15 with a rifle length tube,buffer and spring and i can feel the kick when i go shooting. i would like to not have to buy a new stock. so my question is, can i put a carbine buffer in the rifle length spring/tube and still have a good functioning rifle...
  4. Ruger LC9 Lasermax or Laserlyte? i can't decide

    I'm looking to purchase a laser for my Ruger LC9, not sure which is better. LaserMax (similar to Crimson trace) or Laserlyte (mounts on side of gun). any suggestions or opinions?
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