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  1. A car was following me on Sunday !!

  2. Anyone have a Carfax account ?

    If anyone can give me more information on VIN# 1M1P267Y53M066466 it would appreciated. Thanks
  3. Help finding rims

    Hey guys i need help finding rims for a 2010 gmc 3500 hd DRW it came with the stock steel rims and my dad wants to put chrome rims on it. I guess im looking for oem gmc rims i know they make them but i havent been able to find a website with any pictures or prices. Any help would be greatly...
  4. Government questions

  5. Spike's .22 complete upper

    I was looking at getting a M&P 15-22 for a cheaper shooting solution but decided that i should just spend the extra money now and get an AR-15 lower and slap a Spike's .22 complete upper on it. So does anyone near Plymouth, MA have one that i could check out ? If not post pics of the Spikes or...
  6. Auto-ordanance 1911 ww2 repro

    Anyone know a place that has these for sale near plymouth, ma. I would like to check them out and see if they are any good. Thanks
  7. Seecamp .32 question

    I tried using the search feature to see if all seecamps .32 are mass compliant but didnt find anything. So the question is are all seecamps mass o.k or are the cali edition the only ones. Thanks
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