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  1. MA Resident buying and keeping Handguns Maine

    What is the legalitiy of a MA resident (primary MA residence, MA drivers license, etc...)who owns a second home in Maine buying handguns in Maine? Can they do so? Do they require a Maine license?
  2. What about RIFOL and RIRRA?

    There ate two other pro gun organizations in RI that for some reason do not have threads here. the Rhode Island State Rifle and Revolver Association is NRA state affiliate, and has Ben around far longer than CRAL. And RIFOL is similar to CRAL, except it is actually s non profit with a board...
  3. Sub Adults: 18-20

    I can't seem to find anywhere in the laws where it sates that it is illegal for a citizen aged 18-20 to possess a handgun. I have found that it s illegal to "sell" to a person 18-20. Can anyone shed light on this for me? I understand one must be 21 to acquire a permit to carry 11-47-11 One...
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