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  1. Mileage wrong on title

    Family member put the wrong mileage on the title. The actual mileage is lower by 8 k. More concerned about getting a sticker and mileage is off might send a red flag to the DMV. The car is being MVU 26, which is transferred within the family. On the title you have an option to put the correct...
  2. Nintendo Classic

    Shot in the dark. Looking for one for my son. Any NES members have one to sell? Willing to pickup before XMAS. I am located on the South Shore. Looking to spend $100 or less. Thanks guys and gals Merry Christmas
  3. Photo Cell outdoor lights

    Need some help. I have outdoor photo cell lights that go on from dusk to dawn. So basically my outdoor lights are on 365 days of the year . I have no switch inside the house to shut them off. I have to manually shut them off from the breaker. It is a pain in the ass when I want to manually put...
  4. What's next?

    I wanted to start another thread regarding our due process. First off without Goal, Comm 2A we would totally be in the shitter. Thank you guys for fighting and protecting our rights! Goal thank you for a well organized rally this past weekend and other past events. How we can get more...
  5. Karma: $10 Scratchiee

    Will pick a winner on the 23rd. Post in and good luck! Ship on my dime in a US postal approved white envelope. winner is #23 NickLeduc! PM sent
  6. Call Rosenberg , DeLeo today!

    Please make sure you call today! Stanley Rosenberg Office of the President 617-722-1500 Robert A. DeLeo Office of the speaker 617-722-2500 As we all know keep calling your local state senator , and local state rep.
  7. AWB YouTube videos

    I figured I start a thread for videos regarding the AWB in Mass. Keep NES informed and post your own videos. Please feel free to post any videos from YouTube or other sources. There is a lot of support for the fallen Commonwealth out there.
  8. Please sign petition to Maura Healey!

    Lets bring some heat to Charlie's and Healeys asses! Please pass this on to others to sign!
  9. DHS Whistleblower says that Future attacks could of been preventable

    Intresting video to make your blood boil! "Former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney said he believes that the Orlando and San Bernardino attacks are related and that both might have been prevented had the DHS not deleted records he compiled on Muslims with terror ties."...
  10. 22,000 pennies to pay speeding ticket

    "A Texas man who was found guilty of speeding after contesting a ticket has taken out his anger by paying the fine with about 22,000 pennies." This guy thought it well. Love the video!
  11. Dodge dealer/ Norwood

    Does anyone remember the NES member who works for Central Jeep in Norwood? Thanks
  12. NC man arrested for not returning a VHS rental

    NES members better return those old movies. Meyers gave the police officers his driver’s license and was shocked when they said there was a warrant out for his arrest for not returning a VHS rental, "Freddy Got Fingered," from 2002, he said...
  13. Cool gift: Mancrates

    So I get home tonight and I see a ammo box! Ammo??? I wish but she was still thinking of me. The ammo box was full of goodies. Jerky, trail mix, etc. My wife ordered me a survival crate and this one got shipped. She called and they confirmed the screw up. Long story short the guy told my...
  14. Car window sticker

    I need some help guys and gals. I am trying to obtain a window sticker for 2013? Long story short I am buying some equipment out of salvaged vehicle. I need the same options on my vehicle to match the donor. I ran the vin number and it does not show the optional equipment listed on the...
  15. Live to Tell: Combat missions

    Live to Tell starting tonight on History Channel at 10. Documentary series that features first person accounts of combat missions. Tonight features the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq. Looks like a solid series.
  16. Tongue Lashing to Black Lives Matter

    Black mother gives a dagger to the side of Black Lives Matter. Seems like she is a little ticked off? Warning profanity.
  17. WTB G17 Pre Ban Mags

    Looking for one pre ban G17 mag. I have ammo, or other accessories to trade or if you like cash. Let's make a deal. Prefer U notch, drop free mag. Please pm me. Thank you
  18. Hand built 62 Ferrari 250 GTO in a chicken coop

    Pretty amazing . The video shows the build process. This Ferrari is a spitting image of the real thing! This guy has some serious craftsmen ship.
  19. All Natural!!! Carl's Super Bowl Ad

  20. Homeless Man Says He Has One-Night Stands Multiple Times A Week To Stay Off The Stree

    "The 26-year-old Joe panhandles during the day to make money — up to $150 a day — and at night he cleans up his look and focuses on meeting women he can go home with. He says this tactic provides shelter about three to four nights out of every week. Sometimes, Joe manages to shack up with a...
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