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  1. Handcuffed man shot inside police cruiser “The man was shot multiple times by the officer's service weapon” And you guys tell me that guns can’t shoot people on their own
  2. 4 year olds dies from gun dropping while wrestling with his father I don’t see how one could ever think it’s a good a idea to tuck a gun into their waste and to wrestle with their child. Also saw that it was a Glock aren’t they suppose...
  3. Storing ammo in magazine?

    i was wondering if it is legal to keep a loaded magazine locked up with your guns or does that also have to be kept separate? I’ve searched the forum for the question and couldn’t find it within the last 5 years or so
  4. Goal Lucky 20 Auction didn't see any posts on this so figured I'd post.
  5. First Gun Purchase

    I just received my LTC and am going to go shopping within the next week. As this is my first firearm, I have little previous experience, I was planning on looking at a inexpensive, sub $500, .9mm or .22 in order to pick up some cheap ammo and practice at the range until I’m ready to upgrade...
  6. Winter Hiking

    With winter approaching I realized I need new hiking crampons. So, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for crampons or snow shoes as I’ll probably get a pair of each? Right now REI looks like my best bet for crampons but haven’t found snow shoes that fit my weight, up to 300
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