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  1. WTS Glock 42

    For sale is a Glock 42. With two magazines. Possibly 25 rounds fired through the firearm though Glock 42 Location: Leominster Selling Terms: FTF or FLT on your dime Price: $500 Or possible trade for a SW snubbie with exposed hammer [637, 360pd ect ect] Statement of Legal compliance: I...
  2. Todays event's and another possible end of the world ban scenario?

    So with today's events in Washington, are any of you guy's worried that obummer will make another harder push as he did after the Sandy Hook shootings? If so what are you doing to prepare? And do you think anything will pass this time if he does? I actually got a nice deal on AIM surplus today 3...
  3. Your POV

    Just wondering, how many of you guys full time or part time have a light or lights in your own vehicle for traffic details? Good idea, bad idea?
  4. Glock 27, cant get striker out Yes I know push down on this, but i just had my glock worked on recently and just tried to push this piece down to remove the plate cover and the thing will not even budge...any ideas?
  5. built glock and registering it?

    so say i buy a timber wolf frame and a new slide and barrel how do i register the gun in MA? do i have to?
  6. Theoretic Ammo purchase

    Say I live in MA and bought 500 rounds of lawman 9mm 115gr for 120$ shipped and had it shipped to someone in NH would that be illegal? I mean theoretically of course i would never do this..but if i did id say thats a pretty good deal right? Has anyone heard anything about this ammo?
  7. How would

    you like to see this guy at your local range....[rofl] - - - Updated - - - i like the proper range safety! Textbook!
  8. New glock frame?

    Ok i Just picked up a gen 2 G17, which is the 2 pin. And im looking at the lone wolf frame. Now I want to just switch all the internals, but the 2 pin locking block is different than the 3 pin locking block. The lone wolf frame is 3 pin. So if I buy a new locking block that will fit 3 pins will...
  9. Two different experiences

    Well today went to get a holster and 380 ammo for my new sig 238, went to state line gun shop in mason NH, Got some PMC FMJ and some zombie max for carry ammo. Was in and out no checking of LTC nothing I was so pleased i said to myself wow i need to get out of MA..then I was waiting for a pizza...
  10. Gas price's spike?!

    So im on the way to work this morning notice gas prices at cumby's and HESS $3.69, nothing new its been around that for a week or two. So im on the way home from work and BOTH HESS and cumby's.... $3.85. So what caused this spike? I did a google search but only found "Obama's fault" There's got...
  11. Mass compliant PM9 question

    The PM9 has the new LCI (loaded chamber indicator) and it looks like crap to be honest. Would I be able to buy a slide from Kahr without all that LCI junk on it and put it on the mass compliant PM9?
  12. Another ruger 10-22 question

    I went to the gun room in shrewsbury, was told I cant buy one with a FID card, after I drove 30 miles to pick one up i had called ahead for... I thought since Ruger never sold the gun with a magazine that held more than 10 rounds. They told me since the gun can accept a magazine that holds more...
  13. North Leominster Rod and Gun Club

    Anyone have anything to say about this club? How are the ranges? The facilities? I just bought my first shotgun and i dont have alot of land to go shooting on my property so Im looking at some local clubs and this one is right down the road from my house. any info would be greatly appreciated...
  14. FID legal?

    Ok well im 19 and just got my FID card, so a LTC A is out of the question now. Well I probably wont get one since im moving to VT soon but anyways im looking at a couple rifles and just wanted to make sure they were legal with my FID. Remington® 597™ .22 LR Rimfire Rifle ..i read a review...
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