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  1. Any Fly Tiers here on NES?

    Besides liking to shoot, are there any fly tiers here? I've dabbled at it years ago, but I still save feathers and fur for others that do. What say you?
  2. Any Underground pool experts here?

    Like the title says, I need to speak with a real expert about my underground pool and it's plumbing. I'm losing suction when I try to vacuum the swill off the bottom, it just doesn't hold. I've been maintaining my pool for over 20 years and am way past the basic troubleshooting problems. the...
  3. Converting Dillion 450 to a 550

    Like the title says, I have a 450 with the auto prime, index, etc.. It needs a 550 frame to transform into a 550. Has anybody here done it? If you have, did you send it to Dillion or did you do it yourself? I'm hoping to hear from some body with some experience with this. Thanks.
  4. Spring is really here.

    I saw my first wood duck this morning in Lincoln, RI. He (it was a drake) was mingling with half a dozen blacks. There were some hooded mergansers and 4 scaup sharing the opening in the ice as well. I've always considered seeing woodies as the beginning of the spring season. It can snow or...
  5. N.Y. Assembly Speaker "scheduled" to be arrested today.

    I just read in the N.Y. Post that Sheldon Silver is to be arrested today on corruption charges. Sorry about the missing link. A corrupt politician in New York, who would have thought it? Here's my shocked and stunned face: [laugh2]
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